update on the month

October 11th, 2016

Fall is here.

Our daughter Ryokuchan started to crawl on september 21st, and David of Courier Coffee’s bar got his first cat.

Japanese Shaved Ice every Saturday has done very well, and we are now committed to keeping this up until the end of December. If you have not heard Courier is the Only coffee roastery perhaps on the West coast to make Japanese shaved ice. Japanese people say its perhaps the best shaved ice they have ever had (insert source here). But serious- people say its rad. Saturday 11/12- close.

Of course we have all new delicious coffee to roast and provide, we are falling in love with all of our coffees. While the menu has changed, our offerings continue to represent single lots of coffee.

The roastery is looking great. just broke down and rebuilt our Ditting (just cleaning). We have two tables propped on sawhorses that have created a great area to package and prep coffee. We have branched out and are now providing a housemade record cleaning fluid to our accounts along with their coffee. Just installed new shift cable and brake pads on our cargo bike (shimano saint dual piston).- fully cleaned the ceramic with spirits, and broke in the pads gently before the ride.

New projects include figuring how to make our own baby changing station , figure out how to heat the coffee shop in the winter, well lots of other stuff.

more soon- thank you for being with us. best ccr

September 24th, 2016

no shaved ice today.

new tools and hardware

September 7th, 2016

New bathroom door lock at Courier- the one we have always wanted but thought it was too much. Went to Chown Hardware, a place that has always treated us well, and picked up the perfect hardware. The hangup is that we could not decide on a door handle, a decision that may trouble our sleep for years. currently we are using two vintage screws and a drywall screw (vintage because thats how “General Threaded” described the item… which he uses to describe most things).

Got a sweet new push broom today at Ankeny Hardware. Spent probably 20 minutes wandering around the small store. They told me it was the best push broom ever made. unfortunately its made of steel and synthetics but the guy at the store was so excited about it.

New Taylor wall thermometer- 12″ says made in the USA and covered thick with dust. of course we walked around the store and checked all the other thermometers to make sure this one was in line.

Vim tool mini socket driver set- bought our second set last week at Hall Tool. We now use it 4 times a day at the roastery to adjust the saddle of the cargo bike- very awesome.

hows everything else? new coffee coming in soon. roasting 8 samples today from an importer of coffee.KAKIGORI- is going to continue to be made every saturday. The roastery is looking great.

KAKIGORI now at courier

August 19th, 2016

Kakigori/ Japanese shaved ice- every Saturday courtesy of Saki and Ryoku.

Last summer when we went to Japan to visit our family we brought a Kakigoriki (shaved ice machine) back from japan. Sakiko and I have actually visited a ton of the best kakigori shops throughout Tokyo, and also everywhere we go. While i focus on coffee and beer, saki has her eyes on shaved ice. Traditionally in Japan, the best ice is made by nature (just like in that Disney movie).

Later today I am meeting with Saki and Ryoku to make caramel, and syrup reductions at our bar. Saturday we will be shaving ice from 11am onward (maybe even earlier).

Its hard how to call this- Sakiko is kind of part owner of Courier- but this is really her own project. for the moment im just calling it sakiko and ryokus shaved ice.

also we have two new coffees from Guatemala. they just arrived this morning and im roasting them now in this hundred degree room.

ingredients for courier coffee bake goods

August 11th, 2016

Shepherds Grain low gluten flour.
Pasture Raised Eggs from Obrist farm in Ridgefield Washington? (formerly Herman’s Honey Peoples Cooperative Farmers Market).
Organic rolled and steel cut oats from Bobs Redmill.
Seeds from Bobs Redmill.
Organic Brown Rice Syrup Aunt Patties
Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Vegan Cane Sugar.
Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Fair Trade Vegan Cane Sugar.
Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blackstrap Mollases.
Felchlin 65% chocolate Maracaibo Venezuela.
Felchlin 72% chocolate Arriba Ecuador.
Jasmine Pearl Co. Tea Portland Oregon.
Vanilla Beans Madagaskar Organic.
Meyers Rum.
Sunshine Milk
Cremerie Classic Butter (unsalted).
Pacific Soy Milk.
Portland Tap Water Only.
Local Beeswax – type varies on availability.
Nancys Organic Wholemilk Yogurt.

We bake everything in house- each morning. Everyone who works bar is involved in baking. In the final stages of building our shop we purchased an oven which is visible directly behind the bar. The coffee and the baked goods are prepared by our hands.

Recent change was to increase the price of our Chocolate Chip Cookie. We are the only coffee shop selling Pasture Raised Boiled Eggs and coffee (i believe)- or even just boiled eggs.

Soon… as in maybe tomorrow, or saturday there will be Japanese Kakigori, Shaved ice. Made by Sakiko. we will update you here.

synesso brewgroup drain manifold corrosion and pitting

July 27th, 2016

At least seven years old the copper drain connector weakened in part by corrosion, and probably in part by jiggling it in and out so many times. At first we only blamed our backflushing detergent- jo glo. Chris of Extracto has told us that joglo is more corrosive than purocaf, but we would like to do a side by side. Not impressively no one noted the water dripping from under the machine before it collected inside the electronic control box and fried the pump relay. the copper drain manifold is something we have never stocked, and it took us a moment to go to the hardware store and use a nonrated hose from each group to head to the drain.

While Synesso is building controllers and working on profiling espresso, wouldnt a quick connect stainless steel drain manifold be awesome.

On the home front our Ditting has been (for the last two years) giving issue. we have already assessed this as the switch going (older model paddle switch ditting). But now that a new one is in there is still half of the issue. capacitor? in the morning we have to turn it off and on a few times before the motor will turn.

Meanwhile we broke a WiHa driver while taking the ditting apart- crazy and with minimal force. we have misplaced our faith in german engineering and this must have been some defect metal work. probably the third time in ten years since buying new this driver has ever been used, and never hammered on. Next time we are not going Wiha.

otherwise at the roastery we have a new person delivering and packing- Justin. Since July of last year its just been myself doing all delivery. There has been spring cleaning all over again here and slowly its getting back together. Our basement is getting packed with coffee.


July 19th, 2016

rode our first Biketown bike today- pretty rad. This is going to be so helpful for our visitors to get around portland. faster and cheaper.

still having trouble loading photos here. imagine us doing manuals and hopping on the bikes. the tire skids outside the kiosk thats us. we rented one for 30 minutes just to experience it. I imagine this is what riding the tram at OHSU feels like. fun.

July 4th, 2016

a couple new people starting to work at courier. There is a saying in the Netherlands they put at the front door telling customers “if you had a great experience tell your friends, if you were unhappy tell us.” please do! we are only here to help you and make things better.

as much as we dislike signs and have tried hard to make a point over the last 6 years, customers are continually confused about the idea of buying coffee like beer. eating at Jade the other day and looking at their signage, much like anyone has, floating above things saying things like order here, water, bathroom. well we might just break down and make a sign that says please order anywhere, we want to serve you and pick up your dishes, or something. a floating sign behind the bar. maybe a sign that elegantly says please dont wash your hair with herbal essence in our bathroom sink for over 10 minutes at a time, or please no sleeping on the toilet.

big things that just happened included minimum wage increasing from 9.25 to 9.75, july 1st. we are supposed to increase dramatically yearly. One of our clients is eliminating tips from their service which we think is kind of awesome. i guess to pay the staff more we have to charge more? After spending 10 dollars for a coffee in Japan im a little immune to feeling guilt about this. been thinking about this a lot.

closed july 4th

July 3rd, 2016

closed for holiday on july 4th.

June 23rd, 2016

looking forward the question is how to get more serious about drink preparation. honestly there are a lot of questions. getting more busy in the summer- how do we do it better. not entirely sure how to find the answers, and before we opened a coffee shop my advice to any business owner would be not to get better, but create the illusion of movement.

two weeks ago we received large blocks of crystal clear ice (which i would like to attribute to Frank now of Heart Coffee Roasters, but the person who wanted them was not me). Because of the ice we needed a good saw. On johns advice (navarre) instead of Browns Lumber we went to Woodcrafters. what an amazing place- honestly (michael parich) i had no idea, it was my first time there. Of course whenever i go to these places people laugh at me, because they think saws are for wood.

On a basic level we have started to hand cut clear ice for an offshoot business by Sakiko (my wife/partner..) who will be making shaved ice this summer at courier. Lately I have been busy and have probably started and ended a number of amazing ideas including baked potatoes, granola, etc. But the shaved ice idea is super cool, and its not my own. We did a trial run during the day of the Pride Parade last weekend- and it was awesome.

Other awesome things. New coffee arrived from el salvador, and kenya. Guatemala coffee has left the port and is on the way. ive got 5 samples to cup today. we have new grinder blades from ditting that we have never had before.

much much more to come. also looking for people who want to work. crazy.