July 25th, 2014

Putting our expertise to work fixing RC cars. Japan has become a point of interest not only for Courier Coffee, but for the entire West Coast. It is now public knowledge that three major roasters are expanding to Tokyo, and rumor rumor that there will be more. True Portland (probably the best Portland guide book to date) came out a few months ago and Portland just scored an entire issue of POPEYE magazine, in which our town was featured. Courier-enthralled with Portland finds expanding difficult at best, and even harder to think from 500 square feet of retail to global. We. still. love portland.

24 guests and family visited us from Japan this week, we roasted a ton of coffee and dealt with replacing a pump relay on a two group espresso machine. We use the same tools for an espresso machine as we do RC Cars luckily. Before you think- wow Courier is doing amazing ( i mean we are doing pretty great)- these are the rc cars where the wire is connected between car and remote- lucky also more easily fixable with damaged electrical.

Our Japanese friends have their artwork up at Courier right now. They made a Courier t-shirt and tote bag (the tshirt is white). Also their is a rad straw mobile up at Courier right now (not for sale- just you know, come check it out). Thank you so much for your patronage this summer. we now have a legitimate art show list for the coming months so something to look forward too.

wedding today. RAD. Art Show Sunday 5pm

July 19th, 2014

Our family is here from Japan. The bar will be closed today/ Saturday. Sunday our friends from Japan will be having one of the coolest art shows at 5pm. There will be snacks and drink. We hope to see you there. Featuring straw mobile installation by NONINOKO. a trunk show of japanese vintage by dalmachan. Portraite drawings by Niko, and prints by Lena Fujimoto of Czar courtesy of Stumptown Printers. oh- and pourover coffee.

NONINOKO, CZAR, Ends & Means- July 20th reception, Onigiri, refreshments at 923 SW Oak

July 7th, 2014

July 20th- afterhours at Courier.

NONINOKO, CZAR, Ends & Means will be arriving earlier in the week from Japan. Artwork, clothing, and sought for items Sunday, July 20th. One of NONINOKO family will be drawing portraits using a single line. Photos above- brand new art from Lena Fujimoto of CZAR, which will be done in prints. Above Above Himmeli by NONINOKO- from their recent book. Please come. exact time TBA here.

July 1st, 2014

Popeye is a very popular magazine in Japan and targets the young “city boy.” Their recent issue devotes over a hundred pages to Portland and has been out for the last three weeks in Japan. We have one copy behind the bar if you would like to flip through while enjoying your coffee. The magazine is also available at Kinokunia bookstore inside Uwajimaya.

We were asked to show Popeye around for an afternoon, so we took them by bicycle.

June 22nd, 2014

June 1st, 2014

Roastery Cargo Bike Update-

The rear rim on our Eugene Oregon made longjohn style cargo bike is no longer safe. At three points the rim side facing the hub is pulling away, where you can actually see inside the rim. Long fissures are also starting to connect between the reinforced eyelets of our Salsa Gordo 36 hole rim. For safety reasons, and since we still need to deliver coffee we will be operating with a 36 hole Salsa Gordo laced to a Phil Kiss Off hub with a White Industries 18 Tooth Freewheel- no brakes. The time it takes to find a more robust rim and have it laced will determine when we are back running with rear brakes.

We heard some good things about the Ryde Andra 30, and so will be calling around the city making inquiries later today. The single speed hub will be harvested off our Surly 1×1.

May 26th, 2014

Totally open- normal hours- memorial day.

water Boil Lifted- safe

May 24th, 2014


Courier is Open

May 24th, 2014

First of all we urge you to read this notice by the Portland Water Bureau

Coffee brewers, hot water dispensers and espresso machine water is all safe for consumption according to the Multnomah County Health Department.

All of our ice was discarded, cold brew coffee discarded, sparkling water made in house discarded. Hot water from our water tower was used to make fresh ice. Once the coffee is roasted this morning and delivered we will bring a propane tank down and boil a huge amount of water so we can start making cold brew tomorrow morning for sure. Lucky for us we have a 15 gallon kettle and a 50,000 btu burning we use for boiling water anyway.

Our triple sink for washing dishes has been deemed proper for sterilization, and while chlorine is the best in this scenario we have been told that Quatro-Ammonium (that we use) is also effective.

Extracto and Sterling coffee have been in communication with us, as we were asking ourselves questions about water temperature for sterilization. What we now know is that water held above 165F for a period should kill the bacteria, that water above 180F is more easily appropriate. Coffee brewers at their lowest point should hold water to at least 180F. Most modern coffee shops have their brewers set above 190F. Espresso machine brew boilers hold above 200F (+/- 5f) and steam boilers 250F (in the steam part). Rinsing milk pitchers between use should be a problem for all of us. Most coffee shops do not have the capacity to sterilize pitchers between use (let alone that much sterilized water, so they will be using tap water (please just know this). The amount of e.coli to trigger a boil of water level is very low, and those with a weak immune system should especially be aware. We are trying our best, and we are also happy the water bureau website has come back online. Luckily this is not an emergency.

We are now trying to work with the City to find why it took two hours to send an email to those affected..

We believe there to be little or no risk. Most of this is due to Federal law. There has only been one test at the Tabor reservoir 5.

boil water notice

May 23rd, 2014

all of city of portland recommend boiling water. more info in a minute or a few minutes