fetco 2031e water inlet valve failures part # 57006

January 27th, 2020

In the past 6 months ive experienced the blue valve housing on the older 2031′s splitting, or developing minor cracks in the plastic. I have had three failures. Also a failure on a HWB-5 (5 gallon fetco hot water brewer).

There is no notice of this issue on the internet, but Fetco clearly knows about the issue, and told me it happens often. I believe the part is made by Deltrol, although i have other parts from them that are the best.

Did the manufacturing process get better? We have restored a few machines lately that have been sleeping in our heated basement….

The older Fetco brewers were better, the ones made today are all plastic inside, cheaper parts, made in China. Design at Fetco, like the rest of coffee seems not moving.

Older Fetco’s designs were awesome. Bunn did a great job, and actually even better with its hot water towers and temperature stability. Fetco did a great job protecting their electronics, getting higher draw downs. And Fetco does a lot better with energy efficiency.

Insulating boilers? Fetco is the only ones.

best joel courier coffee

As always trying to improve.

January 17th, 2020

answers to your questions-

Q:How is your day?
A: great?

Q: How is the business?
A: great

The main dilemma (perhaps a catch 22, and yes i have read the book five times to understand our business). The part that i think about the most has two sides. You could name it supply and demand, but those words are so cold. you could call it customer and business, or client and your business. Most of these lack a human element on each side.

The thing that bothers me is this- workers want to get paid more, and spend less. But, it is not about an equal trade. Thinking in terms of the coffee shop- we need a certain amount of money each day to be able to pay the staff fairly. in the real world if there is not enough money to be made you fire people, close the shop, increase price, all have a negative impact.

Currently we are looking at an increasing wage each year, but as the wage is increasing our sales have slowed- why?. Probably in part to rising housing costs, and declining business. The last two years have been the worst on record for sales. I believe the rich are getting richer, and the poor poorer. I as the owner of courier coffee am on government health care (dont worry i never go to the doctor or get my teeth cleaned:). Probably we can blame this on savvy house flippers, or millennial’s who buy a house they cant afford and rent it to cover their own costs- ie praying on the weak. The way to make money is to spread your base, wholesale, expand, sell-out. But, courier coffee is still, as it has been for 14 years local, and even that with worries about climate and carbon, we deliver by bike.

We could charge 10 a cup for coffee, but think of that world. i can think of people who use caged chickens only, sugar filtered through dead cow bones, have new employees every month, and who source all non local ingredients (yes we sell coffee, catch 22). I can think of people who microwave their food, and for coffee shops keep it frozen and reheat. I can think of one special roaster in portland who gets their pastries made a few days in advance, while we bake fresh each day- courier coffee is on some weird level.

there must be some level of pride in our staff.

Courier is doing well, but we are always thinking trying to balance. We would love to make more money, and pay the staff more, without expanding too much. Extracto coffee is one of our soulmates in this- although they are doing way better. I feel we both share similar values.

At the end of the day- i just encourage you to tip your server in a way you feel is right.
Tips are always appreciated, but ( and i think someone will be upset)- i think your thanks is enough.

anyway- thats my economic forecast for 2020


the car is back!

January 9th, 2020

they fixed the ignition- now any key will work! or a stick.

They also stole the car battery.

the worst thing- smoking a few cigarettes in the car before ditching it behind a Shari’s restaurant in Clackamas. The car reeks of tobacco now- i have to sanitize it and check for needles is the next step. there was blood on the stick shift from the smell on my hands.

They left all the money in the trunk, stole my nirvana and NIN cds, but left the james blake and mariah carey- odd.

something i did find out- coffee refills are without end at Sharis restaurant. kids were super nice. the police officer was super nice. Clackamas is a pretty great place. I drank the “barista blend” at Sharis. it was comforting. last time i was at Sharis in 1997 the chef threatened me with a butcher knife and told us to leave. the service yesterday was hands down better. while i say that- and its true- the service was awesome.

still checking for needles inthe car before the kid goes inside it. perhaps i will have to hire my security guard friend whose name starts with an R to guard it.

thank you friends- including the police, my sister, and the staff at Sharis.
and to the person who stole our car- dude- there are childseats in the back- no smoking in the car.

xo courier coffee

stolen car 93′ toyota corolla white.

January 7th, 2020

this time its the family car.

you should be happy to know its a stick shift- all manual toyota corolla.

please keep your eyes out.

im not entirely sad. but our preschool is in beaverton, and the kids carseats that were inside were basically the price of the car.

pleaseplease keep an eye out for an old white corolla.

whats happening at the roastery

December 29th, 2019

With extra time the basement below the house has been cleaned up. The coffee is stacked in the center of the room running the length of the space, with a walkway all around.

A few days ago the lock mechanism broke to get into the house, My uncle(sort of) Jerry always told me to just use a pipe wrench. Less than five minutes and the doorknob was gone. A short trip to Atlasta Lock, and we have a new doorknob installed.

Up inside the roasting room Brandon (formerly Water Avenue Coffee, formerly Stumptown has started to roast coffee for Spielman). We have roasted for them when they are in a coffee emergency, but we are happy to continue to share what we have. Brandon seems like a nice guy.

Our holiday gift to the roastery we purchased a ton of parts bins to store washers, bolts, and tiny parts. wow- 2020 is going to be fun.

currently it is hard to tell if we really will have a winter in Portland this year. the roastery has been pretty cold, and i think we are ready to bike in the ice. but so far just cold frost inthe morning is what we have seen.

At the coffee shop we have had a bunch of minor issues with the espresso machine. definitely a loose connection that causes the boiler to fill at random times. but the holidays are so busy we are just manually filling the boiler when needed.we did install both a new power and mother board, cleaned the level probe,and installed a new solenoid valve for the fill. connections are sometimes tricky. i would like to work and observe the issue when it happens, but im guessing its just a connection. synessos are pretty tough.

portland best last minute gift coffee

December 19th, 2019

Courier offers-

gift consulting.
free water.
fashion advice.
a bathroom that is soundproof enough to cry in.

and we have gift cards, and loads of coffee we roasted this morning.

for the person who doesnt need another disposable item- things like coffee can make the perfect last minute gift.

We used to buy all of our holiday gifts from Reading Frenzy, VeloShop, and Jackpot (our neighbors), not that things have changed we still support our friends- … not that you can really give someone a pizza for christmas… or…. can you.

Courier is a little mixed up in this holiday hustle- we would love you to buy coffee for your friends, but we would also like to be a place to re- energize, spiritually gather yourself, and perhaps enjoy.

in a few days ill let you all know a little more. for now we may, may close earlier on christmas eve. and i would like to talk about politics a little, but-

we know this is a crazy time of year- we welcome you to come, and use courier as a place to catch your breath.

all the best joel courier coffee

fresh paint. new hours. wine. shopping advice

November 30th, 2019

Painted the bathroom over the weekend, with help from friends, and customers and past staff. we also sanded and resealed the shelf on the backbar with food grade mineral oil, before attempting to tackle the 9 coats of paint and shellac on the front door trim- failed on the last bit.

Im having a hard time changing the wordpress main page- but we now close at 5pm all week long. open the same.

Able Farm will soon be officially serving wine at our space after hours on certain days. we are filling out the paperwork now for the Oregon Liquor and Control Commission. This will take some time- so we hope after the new year. There will be wine and food- our bar is perfect for this.

as you look forward to holidays, and a soon new year, please let our space be a moment of calm.

and if i can offer last moment shopping advice- i always buy people things from the hardware store- who doesnt love masking tape, magnets, or a new screw driver. just make sure its quality,

finally- we will be closed christmas day, and new years day. and we may even close the day after new years day. but we will be open new years eve. best joel

grainpro for a bike bag? and about green coffee packaging

October 18th, 2019

Years ago we attempted to buy coffee in bags that did not contain plastic. But now all industry has shifted, and we have little choice. The farmers, shippers, and brokers, and, well, most roasters prefer plastic. As plastic entered the market it made sense. Roasters would tell you the coffee has a better taste, and everyone agrees that it can protect coffee from rain, humidity changes, and contamination. Coffee itself is breathing in a way, green unroasted coffee seeds contain trapped moisture, oils, proteins and sugars. Coffee produces (off gases) carbon dioxide, and the moisture between each seed as they lay nestled together mixes and swaps, eventually evening out. Plastic can keep things fresh, and flavors from degrading, increasing shelf life, and protecting from damage due to outside elements.

First coffee is put into a plastic “GrainPro” bag, and then inside a burlap, or jute, or other kind of fabric bag. Burlap bags have many other uses, and many people want to re-purpose them. GrainPro is a very thick plastic, think of a super industrial garbage bag. The bags are huge, way bigger than a household garbage can, and so thick it just does not seem suitable.

These bags are great for using on our delivery runs to keep our coffee dry, and our bags dry, and one bag could last a year getting re-used over and over. They are not really single use because they are so tough and thick. if anyone needs a nice bag for the winter or has a plan let us know. we have been storing all the grainpro for years and now have quite a large amount.


October 17th, 2019

when it rains it pours.

the full moon.

“nick” at sizzle pie pizza has a thing about virgos.

im a virgo.

that is all

New Winter hours. New Fall stuff.

September 30th, 2019

We will now close our coffee bar 5pm all week long.

This upcoming weekend we will do Kakigori Saturday and Sunday

starting October 12th- Saturday- there will be a farm to table pop up at our shop- drink focused with all organic and natural’s- more news to come on the window of the shop- starting around 7- till late. This will happen the following weekends through October. Our friend Meghan will be hosting the pop-up- she has a farm on Sauvies Island, and we also hope to have a small coffee offering as well. – perhaps a drink, or at the very least you can pick up whole bean coffee late.

We are also pleased to work with Cafe Zamora- the new coffee shop on 37th and SE Gladstone- Hector (the owner) has a farm in Guatemala, and he moved here many years ago. He has imported his own coffee, and before he can set up his roaster we have been roasting his coffee in two ways. one is a heavy medium (kind of our style), and the other is a darker roast for espresso- taken 20 seconds after the tip of second crack (or there abouts). It is his coffee, but we are helping roast for the moment, there is a tiny stamp on all the bags that says roasted by courier coffee- i like that transparency. Hector works as a Uber and Lyft driver to pay his bills, and he is working hard to support his farm. Strangely his shop is where Kennilworth coffee used to be. He is just getting started, but please give Cafe Zamora your support.

This fall will be so awesome for us all- we are looking forward to fall fruit and fresh press cider, hot drinks, and maybe – at the consternation of my staff- hot potatoes.

geez and i hope we can frankenstien some Ikea chairs

all the best us.