July 19th, 2016

rode our first Biketown bike today- pretty rad. This is going to be so helpful for our visitors to get around portland. faster and cheaper.

still having trouble loading photos here. imagine us doing manuals and hopping on the bikes. the tire skids outside the kiosk thats us. we rented one for 30 minutes just to experience it. I imagine this is what riding the tram at OHSU feels like. fun.

July 4th, 2016

a couple new people starting to work at courier. There is a saying in the Netherlands they put at the front door telling customers “if you had a great experience tell your friends, if you were unhappy tell us.” please do! we are only here to help you and make things better.

as much as we dislike signs and have tried hard to make a point over the last 6 years, customers are continually confused about the idea of buying coffee like beer. eating at Jade the other day and looking at their signage, much like anyone has, floating above things saying things like order here, water, bathroom. well we might just break down and make a sign that says please order anywhere, we want to serve you and pick up your dishes, or something. a floating sign behind the bar. maybe a sign that elegantly says please dont wash your hair with herbal essence in our bathroom sink for over 10 minutes at a time, or please no sleeping on the toilet.

big things that just happened included minimum wage increasing from 9.25 to 9.75, july 1st. we are supposed to increase dramatically yearly. One of our clients is eliminating tips from their service which we think is kind of awesome. i guess to pay the staff more we have to charge more? After spending 10 dollars for a coffee in Japan im a little immune to feeling guilt about this. been thinking about this a lot.

closed july 4th

July 3rd, 2016

closed for holiday on july 4th.

June 23rd, 2016

looking forward the question is how to get more serious about drink preparation. honestly there are a lot of questions. getting more busy in the summer- how do we do it better. not entirely sure how to find the answers, and before we opened a coffee shop my advice to any business owner would be not to get better, but create the illusion of movement.

two weeks ago we received large blocks of crystal clear ice (which i would like to attribute to Frank now of Heart Coffee Roasters, but the person who wanted them was not me). Because of the ice we needed a good saw. On johns advice (navarre) instead of Browns Lumber we went to Woodcrafters. what an amazing place- honestly (michael parich) i had no idea, it was my first time there. Of course whenever i go to these places people laugh at me, because they think saws are for wood.

On a basic level we have started to hand cut clear ice for an offshoot business by Sakiko (my wife/partner..) who will be making shaved ice this summer at courier. Lately I have been busy and have probably started and ended a number of amazing ideas including baked potatoes, granola, etc. But the shaved ice idea is super cool, and its not my own. We did a trial run during the day of the Pride Parade last weekend- and it was awesome.

Other awesome things. New coffee arrived from el salvador, and kenya. Guatemala coffee has left the port and is on the way. ive got 5 samples to cup today. we have new grinder blades from ditting that we have never had before.

much much more to come. also looking for people who want to work. crazy.

May 30th, 2016

six hours of roasting on this Memorial day, where our afterburner maxed itself out. It has been so long, so we were fumbling for the reset switch, and then the manual override, but where was that.

The last batch of the day did not work out, so we gave up.

Our little mounds of coffee have seemingly worked against most of the ants. Tomorrow we have some new spots to put coffee.

Thank you so much for calling us today to see that we were open- looking forward to the crushing tomorrow. team courier has really come through to help us out at the roastery packing and getting things done.

One of the new surprises today- new dish-sink-faucet. Installed in under an hour, with only one trip to the hardware store. Memorial day success.

May 29th, 2016

little piles of powderfine coffee grounds are starting to appear at the roastery. We place them next to open windows, and near cracks in the wall to cover openings ants like to enter. wiping all of the surfaces with a citrus or ammonium inside the room erases the little trails ants leave behind. We wash our dishes with a multi-quaternary ammonium solution- which we love but its really pricey.

Luckily ants do not have a love for coffee. We do not have food, or use the garbage for food here so the ants are just little explorers.

We have started the precursor to the Rose Festival, which proceeds Gay Pride, Proceeding Pedalpalooza. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, but the shop will be open for sure (however we may decide to close up early- it is a holiday after all, and we think thats only fair). Tuesday will be a crushing day for bike deliveries since we will combine two days into one. Memorial day will be a super busy biking and packing day, and today we hope to clean and prep.

more soon best joel courier coffee

May 20th, 2016

months go by between our posts now. My new daughter is about to turn 100 days old, which is important for Japanese children. Ryoku-chan likes shadow puppets, likes being read to while following the words, and loves the ceiling at the roastery. she is saying things to us, she is playing peekaboo.

At home we have planted a garden. twice this week i have seen coyotes in front of our home. The mice are eating the heads of kale, and the potatoe tops…

At the roastery we have been thinking a lot about how best to roast coffee. . . `

Im behind as always, and thankful as always that

single lot espresso

April 29th, 2016

while redrafting our coffeebar menu for 923 sw Oak discussion arose about the next five years of minimum wage increase, and increasing pricing on the menu. In eight years minimum wages will be above 14 an hour, and there will be tips on top of that- but what will a cup of coffee cost. we know about the 5 dollar costs of pourover coffee in LA, and the 8 dollar coffee in Japan. Perhaps a lot of the thought work should be focused on relative prices in the area- if everyone sells a 5 dollar cup of drip coffee then customers will not feel bad. Its a different story comparing even a dollar difference. I now feel easy about a 5 dollar pint of beer, but not as easy about 6. The talk of wages is very important. Its also important to know that someone who earns 15 dollars a day in the service industry, and someone who earns 15 dollars a day in a desk job- they both take home different amounts of money. dollar for dollar the service people always will take home more because in Oregon the rule of thumb is not to claim all of the tips on your tax return. Income tax, Social Security, and Medicare take a big split of what does not go into a workers pocket. Desk workers probably know that a large chunk of income goes to pay taxes, but service industry people avoid those taxes, and receive in the end more for their money per hour. Maybe this is well deserved, but lets think about what that money will buy you.

Our espresso has been simple, which we think is perhaps more imperfect, and more beautiful. Espresso blends in Portland are often made with more than three coffees, which are usually shrouded in secrecy, because they are protecting their blend against other roasters? or because they are using their cheap coffee, or to get rid of their overstock? Maybe they do none of these things but they surely are not being honest. Honesty may not be the best term but can they tell you the ratio, how much they paid the farmer, and can they tell you if they purchased the coffee intentionally because it was lovely or was it a mistake and they are masking the flavors in a blend. actually many many roasters focus on using cheaper coffees. Is espresso made by us totally awesome- no- but there is a certain beauty in it we believe. Our espresso today- the Kochere, Yirgacheffe- cost us 4.75 a pound green, add on top of that a 20% increase for mass loss during roasting as water weight (among other compounds)escapes. sometimes we also hear that a coffee is too nice for espresso. But on our end each coffee, we feel, tastes or behaves better. I guess that is what we want to do, provide something enjoyable.

In other news….

There has been a level of genius/lo-tec in our labels. We have been hard pressed to do away with packaging waste, material waste, while also making a label which looks ok. I think the material we are using now is for painters tape. it is paper with a gummy back. different than a sticker, although i wonder if it is not vegan (hmm). as of this week we just gave up stamping our jars and have attempted to print on this roll paper stock. It is considerably difficult to get it to feed correctly, but the image looks crisp. You will notice this new label on the shelves and on your porch. We are unsure how the toner will hold up, but it truly is a timesaver and looks great.

Nice Package –

April 10th, 2016

There is a new coffee package on the shelf at your local grocery store- from more than a few different roasters using the words “biodegradable”. But how can polyethylene be biodegradable?

Polyethylene is plastic. it is used to line milk cartons, and coffee cups. There are paper coffee bags that are lined with polyethylene, and in general it is a thin plastic film, used for plastic bags- probably with BSP. We are almost positive that plastic is not biodegradable- but that word has many definitions which do not exactly match up with ecological sustainability. The question at each step is- is this necessary.

The long and short is that no- coffee is not necessary. We started this business as a vice. a necessary evil tied up in the economics of global trade, displacement, colonialism, Christianity, world wars, and plastic packaging. Let us even mention the large amounts of fossil fuels roasting, those roasters who choose to heat their space with a roaster while also running air conditioning. To their defense let us look toward a time when having ice and refrigeration are considered wasteful.

Let us be thoughtful. we should not believe these smooth words like Biodegradable. we should be thinking of the impact of what we do. Maybe bring your own cup to the coffee shop? We certainly appreciate you who appreciate. I really do not like having to sell coffee cups and plastic lids. What would make us most happy is to be part of a business where more than not we see thoughtfulness, and mindfulness.

Great- now that we have guilt tripped you, let us tell you…. This past week we ordered ten cases of mason jars from Target, which were shipped in eight large boxes, each containing two smaller boxes, each box containing one box of 12, quart mason jars. These are remarkably cheap. we are not even able to wholesale directly from the company for this price. The company is called Jardin corporation and they own kerr, ball and 20 other different companies. right now its a moral dilema where to get glass from.

We also received nine N44g Shure Phono Styluses, samples of coffee from El Salvador, parts from Synesso espresso machine manufacturer, and tires from bike tires direct.

March 27th, 2016

Having a little trouble getting our google photos to show on our website with the new script/encoding that google is using. so now we will tell our story with words.

David and Jeremy have been roasting with me lately, and whats more we have been cupping every production roast of coffee between the three of us. Cupping the same coffee roasted 15 different ways can be challenging, and educational, if backed up with expert notes. This has led us down the path of re-addressing our datalogger (nonfunctional as of now), and asking ourselves how much the build up of oils on our roaster’s bi-metal thermometer lags the readings. Then we get afraid that if we actually clean the thermowell, that things will be so drastically different we wont know where to start….

Today we laid out the internals of a Mazzer Major doser assembly- thinking about how to rebuild it better to suit our purpose. Yesterday we gave our shelf on bar a new shelf liner. A few days before that we restocked our tea- so now we have Ginger, Rooibos, Chamomile, Peppermint, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Kyushu Sencha, and Chinese Sencha- all except the last (from Foxfire) courtesy of Jasmine Pearl…

If I have not been that present downtown I have been a little more everywhere else. The amount of tasting and thought that is going into the roasts these days is more than fun. We even had a productive OSHA meeting three days ago, where we discussed the type of ear protection that would be useful around the shop. I personally feel that this (tax season, training new roasters) is probably the most relaxed of all time before my six week old daughter grows up, and hopefully the most productive. Listening to the talk about our bar I am reminded that it is a small place, which i think we could make more purposeful.

For the customers of our bar- a behind the scenes dilemma/challenge with equipment and space will be refrigeration. It is like tetris, and the challenge of making cold brew, chilling glasses, creating bubbly water will continue to increase. but perhaps this balance is what makes things fun….

Anyway. Thank you for being with us. we will continue to work on serving you better. if you need to contact us at all call or text me-joel .