October 17th, 2014

1200 mk2 is still at echo audio.we lied earlier. at the last second we took our sl-1100 into the shop figuring it would come back quicker. for the moment the tt-432 Marantz unit is working. I guess we love the tonearm return, but you know belts are not forever.

The fabled staff meeting has still not happened. because the staff is in miami, china, working their other jobs, on tour with their band, and.. just getting hired. There should be a meeting, and actually……. we want, and will, always want to hear what you think. Online reviews are helpful, but the most heartfelt reviews come a little more directly. as always feel free to call our 24 hour hotline at courier, or text. any feedback is always positive for us, even if its negative.

October 7th, 2014

mussels, champaign, espresso, and some clothing to feel awesome in (at 923 sw oak). West End womens select shop is now open in the Counter Media space. Maurice, whenever we look, is bustling.

Mechanically we have a pitch accuracy issue on our mk2 1200 (record player). In the background our sl-1100 is getting its internal ground issue worked on at Echo Audio so we may swap it in before fixing the 1200. On the espresso front some keen customers may notice us sticking our hand in the doser chamber to spin the dosing sweeps in the chamber of our grinder- good eye. while we joke about return of the jedi and building a lightsaber yourself, the truth is that the solution is not elegant enough. Honestly we are thinking of rebuilding it with bike parts. On the tech/future/internet side of mechanical- we want to let you know that our website, while wordpress, has a front page done entirely in Drupal (we were told this is ridiculous today). However, you know,thats how we are.

around the corner Limbo has taken a long vacation. Then next door there are two spaces that have formed in what was jackpot, rumor is new tenants before december. all the best, us, courier coffee

September 30th, 2014

replaced the cartridge in the pressurized toilet tank today- geez that is hard to remove. also biked to work with a humidity and temperature gauge to test the levels on the east and west side of the river, the rest of the staff seemed un impressed.

at the roastery the number of shopping carts has been increasing. our calls to both safeway and fred meyer appear to not work. most of the time they tell us we can have the shopping cart, or throw it away (of course). There seems to be a nice camp site growing in the than thao parking lot (free rent anyone?). I guess the mornings roasting coffee are once again just a touch more thrilling.

New Guatemala coffee from the Concepcion Buena Vista Farm- ceylon black tea up front, 55% chocolate finish. received last week after a three month wait and another month in customs down in Los Angeles.

September 28th, 2014

meat and bones.

There are three websites I check everymorning. bikeportland.org. pdx.eater. and echo audios arrival list.

Yesterday- the Nakamichi Dragon, pretty much the epitomy of sound for courier, arrived on the echo audio arrival list. Cassette tape is the future of sound, and since we own two Nakamichi bx-1′s (and six other decks), i think we truly have a love/appreciation for the dragon. Currently we cannot afford many dragons, but… we wish.

Honestly, really, please… become audio nerds as much as we are people and coffee nerds. thank you for being with us for four months and ten years.

September 25th, 2014

We now have more bike parking directly outside our door at the coffee bar. After the property owner filled out a request form with the City of Portland, and provided support and reasoning behind the request, we now have bike parking mid-block. The City almost always places parking on corners, so what we have is super rare, but absolutely the best placement since we will be watching those bikes during the day. Besides being safer and providing capacity there will also be more open space and a different feel to the sidewalk outside our shop. This morning was the best watching all the cool tools the City of Portland used to install the rack.

September 17th, 2014

espresso at our bar is now a peaberry type coffee from Othaya Farmers Cooperative, Nyeri, Kenya (since 9am on the 17th). This will be run for a day and then we will do a little more San Luis Farm naturally processed bourbon from El Salvador.

September 2nd, 2014

New door. Maintenance told us Festool is rad. Rode a Huffy Savannah to work. had some beer. Japanese pear muffins on bar. Heathers artwork is going up on walls. Cleaned the compost container. THE NEW NEIGHBORS APPEAR AWESOME- West End clothing (women). Brasstacks St Johns makes for an awesome highway 30 approach to downtown. its September- are we four years yet. where are we going to get our keys made- Atlasta.

and the most exciting- bike corral right outside our bar.

August 26th, 2014

on the horizon- pop up dinners at courier. These will be Izakaya style. Also we are nearing the anniversary of opening our bar, and we also plan to celebrate the change from summer to fall.

Internally there is soon to start a review process on the style in which we make and serve drinks. This will be a staff workshop. Our first will be a study into temperature and time for milk drinks. Moving forward is always fun, and the future hopefully has us keeping on improving ourselves.

Socially and politically we have just passed a landmark through Portland’s new labor law, although no one has realized it yet. two employees have called in sick, and guess what, they are getting paid. Paid sick days. pretty cool for the staff. Big thanks to everyone who walks through our door, through your support we are able to cover sick days. Think of how many people in Portland this will help out.

ok- have to go deliver coffee. best ccr

August 15th, 2014

On bar at Courier- Othaya farmers peaberry type coffee, Nyeri, Kenya, July crop arrival Oakland. Next week look forward to it at Kenilworth Coffee, SE Gladstone and 37th.

August 12th, 2014

麦わら細工、ヒンメリは葉山在住の造形作家、Nononiko の大久保 智子。
日本のヴィンテージは同Noninokoの大久保 忠宏が発掘したものである。

CZAR- Lena Fujimoto- Living in Setagaya, Tokyo- now showing at Courier

All t-shirts and tote bags Made in Japan by CZAR and Ends and Means.

Himmeli (straw mobile) by NONINOKO- Hayama, Japan

We have a special group visiting this week from the Freedom University in Tokyo (not really a University, but a group of people interested in the ideas of Portland as a model city). This is partly behind True Portland, the guidebook that came out some months ago in Japan. For some time there has been gaining interest in Portlands craft scene (of course right? the reason everyone is moving here, and how we get our own tv series). We wanted to update our links above to be more easily understood for those that are visiting our site for the first time this week. In addition to Japan crafted goods on bar, a more permanent beverage ware arrived from Italy yesterday- new cups from Ancap, designed and made in Italy, then imported through Kentucky. The new cups are all white, and similar quality to the ACF cups, maybe even better. The espresso cups are now slightly smaller in volume (i get 1.9oz below the brim). The Cappuccino cups are 5oz instead of the previous 5.5oz, which we think will lead to a more delicious drink. Down the road we also have a 6oz cup, which is hard to tell from the 5oz, but this will allow us to choose if we want a subtle difference in size for americanos or lattes. And we still have a bigger latte cup. We are pretty excited.