fresh paint. new hours. wine. shopping advice

November 30th, 2019

Painted the bathroom over the weekend, with help from friends, and customers and past staff. we also sanded and resealed the shelf on the backbar with food grade mineral oil, before attempting to tackle the 9 coats of paint and shellac on the front door trim- failed on the last bit.

Im having a hard time changing the wordpress main page- but we now close at 5pm all week long. open the same.

Able Farm will soon be officially serving wine at our space after hours on certain days. we are filling out the paperwork now for the Oregon Liquor and Control Commission. This will take some time- so we hope after the new year. There will be wine and food- our bar is perfect for this.

as you look forward to holidays, and a soon new year, please let our space be a moment of calm.

and if i can offer last moment shopping advice- i always buy people things from the hardware store- who doesnt love masking tape, magnets, or a new screw driver. just make sure its quality,

finally- we will be closed christmas day, and new years day. and we may even close the day after new years day. but we will be open new years eve. best joel

grainpro for a bike bag? and about green coffee packaging

October 18th, 2019

Years ago we attempted to buy coffee in bags that did not contain plastic. But now all industry has shifted, and we have little choice. The farmers, shippers, and brokers, and, well, most roasters prefer plastic. As plastic entered the market it made sense. Roasters would tell you the coffee has a better taste, and everyone agrees that it can protect coffee from rain, humidity changes, and contamination. Coffee itself is breathing in a way, green unroasted coffee seeds contain trapped moisture, oils, proteins and sugars. Coffee produces (off gases) carbon dioxide, and the moisture between each seed as they lay nestled together mixes and swaps, eventually evening out. Plastic can keep things fresh, and flavors from degrading, increasing shelf life, and protecting from damage due to outside elements.

First coffee is put into a plastic “GrainPro” bag, and then inside a burlap, or jute, or other kind of fabric bag. Burlap bags have many other uses, and many people want to re-purpose them. GrainPro is a very thick plastic, think of a super industrial garbage bag. The bags are huge, way bigger than a household garbage can, and so thick it just does not seem suitable.

These bags are great for using on our delivery runs to keep our coffee dry, and our bags dry, and one bag could last a year getting re-used over and over. They are not really single use because they are so tough and thick. if anyone needs a nice bag for the winter or has a plan let us know. we have been storing all the grainpro for years and now have quite a large amount.


October 17th, 2019

when it rains it pours.

the full moon.

“nick” at sizzle pie pizza has a thing about virgos.

im a virgo.

that is all

New Winter hours. New Fall stuff.

September 30th, 2019

We will now close our coffee bar 5pm all week long.

This upcoming weekend we will do Kakigori Saturday and Sunday

starting October 12th- Saturday- there will be a farm to table pop up at our shop- drink focused with all organic and natural’s- more news to come on the window of the shop- starting around 7- till late. This will happen the following weekends through October. Our friend Meghan will be hosting the pop-up- she has a farm on Sauvies Island, and we also hope to have a small coffee offering as well. – perhaps a drink, or at the very least you can pick up whole bean coffee late.

We are also pleased to work with Cafe Zamora- the new coffee shop on 37th and SE Gladstone- Hector (the owner) has a farm in Guatemala, and he moved here many years ago. He has imported his own coffee, and before he can set up his roaster we have been roasting his coffee in two ways. one is a heavy medium (kind of our style), and the other is a darker roast for espresso- taken 20 seconds after the tip of second crack (or there abouts). It is his coffee, but we are helping roast for the moment, there is a tiny stamp on all the bags that says roasted by courier coffee- i like that transparency. Hector works as a Uber and Lyft driver to pay his bills, and he is working hard to support his farm. Strangely his shop is where Kennilworth coffee used to be. He is just getting started, but please give Cafe Zamora your support.

This fall will be so awesome for us all- we are looking forward to fall fruit and fresh press cider, hot drinks, and maybe – at the consternation of my staff- hot potatoes.

geez and i hope we can frankenstien some Ikea chairs

all the best us.

review of the Tern GSD- a year later (or how to cheat on your coffee deliveries).. and brief other news at the end.

September 24th, 2019

It felt like 3 years.

16 years ago I did varied super rush deliveries by bike for an office i worked at. ten minutes including the elevator and security- or ten minutes to hand off to a UPS driver who i would catch in traffic. just taking the freight elevator at the big pink building could take 10 minutes! it was somewhere at this time that a “real messenger” told me courier coffee would eventually just buy a car and deliver. before we took the name i asked around the bike messenger community if it would be acceptable. remembering years back when Little Red Bike Cafe started selling “sprockette” and “zoobomb” sandwiches and there was a little concern about it all. in hindsight people who deliver items are all couriers, but here we are and we still dont have a company car, we have a company cargo bike.. And supply our workers with parts, tires, tubes, and of course- coffee. However- i do feel a little older now- so i gifted my partner an electric cargo bike- which i mainly use. it has positive parts and negative.

The Tern GSD is an electric cargo bike, sort of a long tail, but the same length as a 29′r. it weighs approx 80 pounds, and uses a bosch a-b class motor (max 20mph). What I like about the Tern GSD is that it has two 20″ wheels, and a low standover height. i was thinking with a dress it is good. Also that the Bosch motor requires one to pedal to keep it moving- there is no throttle. bonus is the availability of a front rack, built in fenders, and lights. we got ours from Clever Cycles in Portland. I originally got it for my partner, and our daughter….

We live between hills, and instead of walking the bike up we can now ride, with our daughter. The bike is still heavy, and so having passengers still requires strength when starting and stopping to not fall over. 80 pounds, plus at least ten for the kid, and perhaps 20 for your bag. even with the 20″ wheels the weight is high, and the ballance challenging. I am a veteran of the two wheel long john style cargo bike- having done with plenty of load for at least the last 14 years- i think we still somtimes tip, especially when its icy, or when the load is tall. So i can appreciate how its hard for my partner, who has not been biking her entire life.

Having said all this- ive ridden the bike a lot. My back is kind of screwed up, and originally i used that as an excuse. the upright posture though does not actually aid. the low standover height is cool with a dress, but its high enough to be hard to lift a leg over, especially with back issues. this would be an issue on any bike, but it was something i was hoping a 20″ wheel base would cover. On the plus side- the Meguro hydraulic brakes are awesome- the shifting is awesome, having lights front and rear is awesome.

The fenders are poorly thought out- the rear fender will break if you store the bike verticle as intended. my kickstand would have been a liability for any child riding on the bike- mine just broke off with zero load on the bike except itself ( there was a recall which i was not notified of before hand,weird- when it failed they said- oh there was a recall).

the bosch motor i got presents a lot of drag- its actually harder than a normal 80 pound bike without the motor on. ive heard there is a new gen bosch with no drag- ill believe when i see. my bike tipped over one day and the meguro brake lever shattered off- plastic? probably solved with a new kickstand.

My normal ride is a 1×1 surly with a white industries freewheel, saint crank arms, and a front rack, and deore v-brakes. my other ride is a center for appropriate transport front loading cargo bike with saint hydraulics, deore shifting, and other nice things.

as for the Tern- i do love the adjustable front handlebar, for me its been a solid bike. Clever Cycles has been awesome. I brought up the defect thing, but they have been with me every part of the way, and helpful, and responsive. i would highly recommend them.

At the end of the day i feel faster on a non electric bike. since my back hurts i wish ididnt carry 80 pounds with me in the morning- brutal up hill- which is why i steal my partners bike in the morning. but i feel so much more free on my surly 1×1. .. someone told me there is another gen bosch motor with zero drag when its off- i would be interested in that. im certainly interested in not driving, and i feel there is a good place with the bosch motor and the Tern. also riding a mountain bike seems better for the back- the tern is upright, but it has huge balloon tires. still upright is a shock on ones back. This Tern makes me dream of Ahearns Truck Cycle. Although i cant decide over an electric Truck Cycle or a normal one. im kind of tired these days, and ive always always wanted a truck cycle.

we could be hiring?
We have a ton of tea downtown- so please let us know if we can serve it better.
We have agreed to do coffee at wordstock, it will not be pourover, but it will be delicious.
We have a pop up coming in october- farm to table kind of event that will open courier after hours from 7pm until whenever- maybe midnight- organic everything from our friends farm in Sauvie Island. it will be just one evening a week on the weekend. post that soon. first sunday in october is the first day. again- we have loads of tea. so this could be your new hot date spot. I think a good atmosphere- we just have not been able/willing to do late night.

There will be a staff meeting soon- we may (might) shorten our winter hours to 5pm. all days. and we will creatively do this so no one loses hours. I think what everyone wants is to Not pay more for coffee, but have the staff get paid more- am i right? of course with full health benefits… Honestly- truly- this is the dilemma (the problem),. i keep reading the news, and i worry. the economy does affect us. Nothing is really easy, and ive always felt our business is in a catch 22- a book ive read, read over ten times.

im cold..

honestly- that book brings tears now. on the other side i think we are all faced with crises.

oh- global warming… shock…. let us buy things from china,.,, cheaper is better…. we want a decent wage for ourselves, but we dont want to pay others to get that wage.

we will be selfish. trite.

all the innuendo- totally welcome at courier.
i think our biggest hope and goal of the coffee shop is to be welcoming.
our most deep and further goal is without words, and i guess money may i add- that we can convey our feeling and emotions with our coffee and drinks. without words, or sometimes with words, we hope to lift/ brighten your day.

and we want to do this with the best spirit, the best desire. at least thats my vision.


motorcycles in bike lanes

August 15th, 2019


an interesting day, where a motorcycle in a bike lane starting yelling at me. I was on the cargo bike carrying 100 pounds of load, in addition to the 80 pound bike. i believe his exact words were- ” get off the bike and i will fuck you up.”

I was heading south on 10th avenue and he was coming up Sandy. the cars were stopped, but i guess i should have thought- no- motorcycles are in the bike lane.

i yelled for help, and all the drivers looked away and left the scene, and i asked people to video the driver.


i got off my bike, and told him- ok, but the coward fled.

i hope this guy understands that, first of all, dont threaten, and second, if you say it follow through.

perhaps the most important thing-
dont run your motorcycle in the bike lane.

July 21st, 2019

update- dont want to give them too much credit- but 21 days later and 6 visits by comcast we still dont have internet with them.

perhaps you should put your money in bottle, and just address it to us.

We had our first wildfire smoke of the season Saturday, and you bet we have filters for our air intake, and respirators on hand. Only a few noticed i think, but smoke and biking is pretty serious stuff.

there is too much to talk about- we are doing a shaved ice event every week at the shop, housemade, organic, seasonal all. we have a new colombian coffee from Esmerelda farm, yellow bourbon, pitalito, Narino. and two or three coffee arriving this week.

internet crises, and synesso steamwand failure

July 1st, 2019

installed two water filters at courier, and one at a client.

new gaskets on our steamwand valve, and brand new wands. unfortunately synesso shipped us a bad batch of steam wands many years ago, and wants us to eat the cost. heads up- they dont test parts, only built machines. but i dont fault them too much.

we tasted maybe 15 coffees today, and new coffees are on the way.


June 25th, 2019

New flat gaskets on the handwashing sink, New Lucifer brew valve on the right Synesso group head (to eliminate the whisteling)- basically the synthetic ruby seat had gotten chipped, reused the synethic ruby.6mm orifice, or flow restrictor. new gaskets, donuts, and o-rings on the steamvalve for the wand.

I remember hastleing our ice provider, and now christopher brings us the most pristine clear ice blocks for our weekend japanese shaved ice.

we are now about to get a bunch of new coffee, and we are also in some sort of internet provider crises- i have jumped between three venues today just to work.

the best news is at the coffee shop, see you soon- joel

Coffee this three day weekend, AND perhaps a late opening Monday.

May 25th, 2019

There are two coffees roasted today. Alejandra farm, Huila, Colombia. and Twi’ha farm, Chalum lot, Huehuetenango Guatemala. There is also a Gayo Mandiri mill, Sumatra from the 20th, which is fantastic- the roast really highlights the pungent plum aromatics. But both of this mornings roasts are really solid- lighter- medium bodied. We did go through a period of more developed roasts last week, as we learn with the new clean roasting jets.

This Saturday- like all summer Saturdays- the shaved ice went really well. We are starting to store the crystal clear ice blocks at the roastery, and, we hoped everyone enjoyed it. Fresh Rhubarb and Strawberry from Groundworks Organic in Junction City, Oregon (just near Eugene).

Because of the holiday we will most likely open a little later Monday morning, and use that time to prep Muffins, Cookie dough, granola bars for the week. but dont worry, we will probably let you in anyway, if you want, but expect a little more relaxed morning if you pop in.