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vote- do it.

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

I am a last minute voter. I would like my partner/wife to look at the ballot with me. Sakiko is a Permanent Resident, which is kind of awesome. I have asked her to discuss and we will vote together. This year i think it will be decided over the weekend.

I am pretty sure my neighborhood or neighbors have different opinions. The debates/ and talks/ on the radio that i have heard have been really fun for me this year.

This last week was full of political stuff on the radio.

Please vote, if you can vote, and remember there are millions of people living here legally who cannot vote.

there are 8.8 million, who pay taxes, but cannot vote, my wife is one- they took her money, but she cannot speak.

show your own opinions and vote for who you want.

and please know that the debates and talks on the radio have been cool. I think the last week has had a lot of information. so listen if you can.

thanks j

to lose, means that you have won.

Friday, October 16th, 2020

and so Courier was broken into last night. The large glass window close to Maurice was half gone.

no tears, so everything is ok.

we are fully confident that the criminal(s) wore face masks, used hand sanitizer, and will be voting in the upcoming election.

wash your hands, be safe, and be well.
we got boarded up. The people came quickly, and i enjoyed their humor. I learned from them by watching how they boarded up. I would not have thought of doing what they did.

Their jokes about the bill- super.

good news, sour news.

Saturday, September 26th, 2020

Postmates has removed us- This is amazing news- Super news since we have been on pause since March.

If any of you helped us get removed- you have our thanks. Many people have shared their postmates bad stories, about customers confusing that postmates and the business work together (absolutely not the case).

Personal news-

Halloween is coming up. Since our daughter is 4 years old- we really do want to dress up- however the pandemic is trouble. Of course Santa Clause will wear a mask and get tested before coming to our house, and probably use our bathroom to wash his hands.

On my private list- i would like to learn protocol for Ham radio. There is also a new lego set coming out that uses braille. But the short issue is figuring out how to build a treehouse for winter- that fits code requirements. This year it seems like the health department has given up anyway- which is interesting- from an inspection standpoint- since we should be more concerned. Now they just ask on the phone if we are safe. Cannot speak out- because i always receive retaliation. I can tell you that we take safety for customers above and way beyond.

Also if you are reading this post- I am looking to other families who are as concerned about the pandemic as i am. We have not formed a “pod” or group. and its just my dad, sister and my family. Our daughter likes to run around, speaks Japanese, but i would prefer anything- however it would be cool if it was not english. Mostly because she does get a lot of english anyway. Most important is safety. so our friends safety would be our safety. Korean would be cool because ive been learning it. Spanish would be sweet.

Honestly if you have a kid- and you are really safe- call me. that would be great- joel courier

also- one more thing- deliveries i gave up on today- Interstate was entirely blocked- which cuts up my route. I knew the white supremicist group was going to be downtown, shame on them, and i did not anticipate having my delivery route cut off- my fault, but i will deliver in the night i guess.

BLACK LIVES MATTER. if you have extra posters that kids made to support BLM please let us know- currently we have an artshow in the window which is hard to understand- because it was made by a 4 year old. some of my customers have shared posters with me that have gone up at our house.

We hope everyone is ok today. joel

One month later- Postmates will continue to market Guacamole Espresso.

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

The staff at postmates seem to know that Guacamole Espresso does not exist- but no one at the company has the power to change the menu.

fyi- we are also still on temporary closure from the Pandemic.

We would like them to stop the menu. and sales of our product- because its not for sale anyway.

Postmates re- believes in the country of Guacamole.

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Postmates has read our post- and has decided to spell Guacamole correct. But i am still trying to convince them that Guacamole is not a country. The only positive on Postmates is that their wait music while on hold is nice.

I dont want to come down hard on non- english speakers- but again Guacamole is not a country. its been three weeks. We have also never served a “Guacamole” espresso- ever.

In the mean time they will take your money for our Guacamole espresso- and then hold your money. fyi- it could be snickers espresso, gold fish espresso- these people wont stop.

Your loss is their profit.

why do i have to spend 5 hours a week on this?
Why is Postmates selling product from 5 years ago that cant be sold.

Coffee from the country of Guacemole and notes about smoke.

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Mad props to a company that sells Courier drinks from the country of Guacemole. I am not that educated. It took me a week to explain why Guacemole is not a country, to a company that refuses to use spell check, or knows that the word does not exist in the english language.

Also- Courier does not work with Postmates, or Grubhub, or Ebay, or Caviar. Courier does not believe that the city/town/country/ continent of Guacemole exists. The pictures used on their sites are actually from random bakeries.

we were able to get courier removed from postmates, but we apologize for letting it continue.

I looked us up on Yelp, or Google, the other day and we have actually more sales since we have been closed then ever before….. i find this interesting while having a zero income, and that our profits that have been posted since we paused have shown an increase in sales.

Another topic- Anyone using a serious mask- have you noticed anything?

At home my family has been boiling herbs in water on the stove- to reduce the smoke. I am not sure it works, but maybe mentally. I did hear vineger on the stove works.

check those airfilters in your car, and house. They may be getting a little more used. and to those of you in the fire areas, best wishes. courier

i was asked to be more positive- and i have it for you.

Friday, September 4th, 2020

We have tried many things- and a few of them have worked.

cornering the market on shure-n-44g cartridges- positive.
In our attempt we have also attempted to repair a GFA-555 Adcom- fail.

Our dreams include building a treehouse, plotting to reopen the shop downtown, and being curious about how the company- postmates- are selling our product.. Fyi they are selling product from 5 years ago online (rumor has it you can buy anything).

Many things have made me happy over the years- our staff, my wife and daughter and the support of my family….. and lets just cut to the last part- my stereo.

I have a long list of awesome people and things, but now the next step is to bring the best ones back,

i cant say its awesome- but my goal after goal is to revive the audio cable for my minidisc player.

lets work together.
also still roasting coffee.
wish i was playing minidiscs.
roastery is too dusty for records.


Kyocera DuraXV Extreme flip phone vs. Kyocera Dura XV

Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

The Courier flip phone screen broke, just after the shut down took effect for us in March. We had taken to sanitizing the phone daily- in a highly corrosive liquid of multi-quatranary Ammonium – a liquid which kills pretty much everything, the same sanitizer we use at the coffee shop and roastery. In concentrated amounts of 500ppm the liquid can eat rubber seals, corrode stainless steel, and apparently destroy your military spec cell phone, and or radio. we went through a week of submerging the phone in rice, dismantling the phone and cleaning the contacts with isopropyl alcohol, and drying it thoroughly over a heat source.

The cool thing about this phone was that it had amazing clarity- the sound both the sending and receiving came through very well. People commented if i called them on a different phone and told me my voice didnt sound as good as on the Kyocera. I didnt have to put the phone to my ear either as the entire phone conducted sound through a coil, and not a speaker. I could just put the phone to my ear protection, or the side of my bike helmet, and then that would become the speaker, as the phone had the ability to conduct sound through material.

The Dura XV had been discontinued, and after weeks of research, and calls, i decided on the new Iphone SE. Then at the last moment Verizon released a new Kyocera flip phone- amazing.

So i did not have a work number for Courier for 2 months, during that time i learned to live without picking up the phone all the time, relying upon my voicemail message asking people to text me or email, and in general enjoying the vacation from normalcy that this pandemic has created. Only a few people had my other number, used mostly for international travel, and its true the iphone is a joy to send long texts and photos on, and is very useful. The iphone is difficult to hold on your shoulder, and easy to fumble on letters in messages, and easy to break.

Some of you may remember that when Courier started 15 years ago we only had a landline, and at home it was difficult because the message machine would often eat the message, or people would assume i had caller I.D. This made it especially hard to meet friends, date, or carry out business. Then we got the roastery (prev- roasting in my garage at home), and a second landline for there (plus a fax machine). Eventually we broke down and got a cheap flip phone. I think in 14 years im 6 flip phones deep, and im on my first iphone. hmm 4th laptop. its weird when you think about life in terms of how many devices you have gone through. The fact that up until March I held 6 different phone accounts is a little unsettling.

so- The New Kyocera DuraXV Extreme- is troubling.

it charges with USB-C. The call quality is awesome. The battery life sucks compared to the previous model. 4 days. I have not had the chance to test reception- which fyi the prev model was… amazing.

The bummer is really the battery life, but also that i have no confidence in the phones seals for water. The camera is actually better that the last version- faster. The back panel is popped up a little, and at 4 months i may have to request a replacement. One of my largest complaints- the earpiece is very very different- it has a speaker- and will not work unless its next to your ear. i wonder why they changed design. while the phone is bulkier, and heavier, the battery is the same. while there are several new things like the charging points on the back of the phone, larger side buttons etc. you can tell its poorly designed, compared to the last model. Kyocera seems to focus on looks, and less to the military and water and dust specs of the phone.

Overall- a cheaper flip phone could be better. ive abused most of my phones and samsung was always strong. if i had to do it over i would get a samsung flip phone.

If you call Courier today- its a flip phone. while this new phone is unsettling, its still great to be able to drop it in water, or rest it on a hot engine while using the flashlight.

everyone- stay safe.
be well- more soon best joel courier


Friday, August 7th, 2020

The price of coffee is increasing. Normally this would be great for farmers, however shipping will also delay. Courier buys much of its coffee spot (means its somewhere in the U.S.A- dont confuse that with the USA in China- haha- those clever people).

The workers are all getting sick, many people are afraid of going to work, and many roasters around the world have started to back out of agreements. so we have all this coffee that people promised to buy, and the the buyers are backing out of contracts- think large roasters (and your local chain roasters). So coffee is flooding the market, but without buyers they have to charge more, to make up for the loss.

As a roaster I have never backed out of an agreement to purchase in all my 15 years. And at the start of Covid-19 here, we actually gained by purchasing amazing coffees from contracts others had cancelled. Now we have this interesting situation of people who purchase from us being wildly inconsistent. it could be 200 pounds roasted in a day, or 20. Since people are buying less, the sellers are trying to sell pre-ship more- which is risky for the roaster who doesnt know what they will be moving in 5 months from now. Im tasting samples, promising to buy, and by the time the coffee gets here the flavor may change from the sample. I did just agree to buy 1000 pounds of amazing coffee- it will be here in November, but there are no promises on the arrival dates.

This whole pandemic is weird. Toilet paper crises, shortage of coins, inflatable pools on backorder for 2 years, aluminum can shortage, top ramen shortage- and i cant figure why everyone is buying bottled water.

My wife bought a ring light the other day………..

Anyway- the courier ex-staff are having a video meeting Sunday, worry about money being cut off. We are going to have to do an in person thing for records, as many are still at the coffee shop.

be well. joel courier

Pandemic kid and adult tips

Sunday, August 2nd, 2020

Picnic in your yard for dinner, if apartment make a tent inside.
Candlelit meals.
relive games like “go-fish,” and “memory”
draw a picture then cut it out to make your own puzzle.
if you have a close neighbor make a tin can phone with string.
use a sheet of plastic to make your own pool (outside prefered).
kid- make your own pizza dinner night- fyi get ready to wait forever.


learn how to make a delicious cup of coffee or a “latte” at home- trust us- its better at home and the work makes your drink better.

Learn about masks- your bandana does not cut it, triple it up, make it air tight. and check those ear loop masks that are too big. Take it serious about eye protection too.

As parents i think we have some options. Unfortunately many people are tired of the pandemic. and some of us are thinking not wrongly- lets form some safe groups. The large question is risk. And id rather you identify risk as something with a child over whether i should take my family to an outdoor restaurant.

As an adult- and also as a believer in movies like Volcano one, and Two, well- while i know what kind of truck can drive through lava- im unsure the mask i would wear.

And i have watched the two movies, as well as snakes on a plane, zombies on a plane, ants on a plane…. ive pretty much watched many of them (on beta max)-for those of you who have never done beta max- good luck.

We want you all to be safe. we are all in this together. And without a doubt Black Lives Matter- and we are against the negativity of the police on this.

Be safe, wear a mask when you are close, and much love.