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Sunday, July 21st, 2019

update- dont want to give them too much credit- but 21 days later and 6 visits by comcast we still dont have internet with them.

perhaps you should put your money in bottle, and just address it to us.

We had our first wildfire smoke of the season Saturday, and you bet we have filters for our air intake, and respirators on hand. Only a few noticed i think, but smoke and biking is pretty serious stuff.

there is too much to talk about- we are doing a shaved ice event every week at the shop, housemade, organic, seasonal all. we have a new colombian coffee from Esmerelda farm, yellow bourbon, pitalito, Narino. and two or three coffee arriving this week.

internet crises, and synesso steamwand failure

Monday, July 1st, 2019

installed two water filters at courier, and one at a client.

new gaskets on our steamwand valve, and brand new wands. unfortunately synesso shipped us a bad batch of steam wands many years ago, and wants us to eat the cost. heads up- they dont test parts, only built machines. but i dont fault them too much.

we tasted maybe 15 coffees today, and new coffees are on the way.


Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

New flat gaskets on the handwashing sink, New Lucifer brew valve on the right Synesso group head (to eliminate the whisteling)- basically the synthetic ruby seat had gotten chipped, reused the synethic ruby.6mm orifice, or flow restrictor. new gaskets, donuts, and o-rings on the steamvalve for the wand.

I remember hastleing our ice provider, and now christopher brings us the most pristine clear ice blocks for our weekend japanese shaved ice.

we are now about to get a bunch of new coffee, and we are also in some sort of internet provider crises- i have jumped between three venues today just to work.

the best news is at the coffee shop, see you soon- joel

Coffee this three day weekend, AND perhaps a late opening Monday.

Saturday, May 25th, 2019

There are two coffees roasted today. Alejandra farm, Huila, Colombia. and Twi’ha farm, Chalum lot, Huehuetenango Guatemala. There is also a Gayo Mandiri mill, Sumatra from the 20th, which is fantastic- the roast really highlights the pungent plum aromatics. But both of this mornings roasts are really solid- lighter- medium bodied. We did go through a period of more developed roasts last week, as we learn with the new clean roasting jets.

This Saturday- like all summer Saturdays- the shaved ice went really well. We are starting to store the crystal clear ice blocks at the roastery, and, we hoped everyone enjoyed it. Fresh Rhubarb and Strawberry from Groundworks Organic in Junction City, Oregon (just near Eugene).

Because of the holiday we will most likely open a little later Monday morning, and use that time to prep Muffins, Cookie dough, granola bars for the week. but dont worry, we will probably let you in anyway, if you want, but expect a little more relaxed morning if you pop in.

San Franciscan Roaster gas Jets Cleaned, and thank you for returning your jars.

Monday, May 20th, 2019

Last week, for the first time ever, we cleaned the orifices on each of the brass jets for our SF-25. We had been debating our gas flow for months, but finally a week ago our afterburner started to cut out (totally separate issue from the jets). This led us to schedule a day without roasting, midweek- especially important, since supply houses and emergency mailings cut out over the weekend. There were many tiny screws to remove, but starting on the afterburner we are never really sure, but somehow cleaning the spark-plugs, or ignition points, and checking air to the gas- well it worked.

Luckily the afterburner (incinerator) stopped working on some misty and rainy days. Coffee smoke is organic matter, but drops out in mist, or rather gets caught in the water molecules. Coffee smoke is a lot of oils, and carbon, and other gases. Normally we only run our roaster just over 1100 Fahrenheit (593.33 Celsius). which is the magic number where visible particulate matter breaks down, or SMOG. it still smells until 1400 F. (760 C.) It smells but the smoke is clear. Since there has been a roastery here working for at least 25 years, it seems to be ok in the neighborhood (the neighbors mostly do not know we are here).

With the afterburner magically fixed, although we have no idea why, in under 30 minutes, well we thought we would look into our longterm problem. the gas jets.

The reason why we had never undertaken cleaning of all of the tips, is that, in order to remove them you either have to spend a lot of time, very awkwardly, and painfully removing them in place, or, drop the burner itself. Dropping the burner, or the welded square tubing running parallel under the drum requires the removal of the gas line in three points, and gas lines are not exactly our specialty. Since we had the day, why not.

Remarkably, we dropped the burner down so we could access, and after checking the build up on the nipples were about to put it back and give up, but…. and this took us a minute, to discover the tiny pinholes where the gas went through were more than clogged with precipitant, or calcium carbonate i assume. Now. for a long time the front few jets had been very difficult to light. This involved a trick by cutting airflow to ignite all the nipples. But the last year always a few never lit, which we always thought was a draft issue. So, very carefully using a safety pin we cleaned each orifice on each jet. We noticed while re-installing that the threading on the burner was off, and some of the jets had almost been crossthreaded. With the gas lines reinstalled, the results were amazing.

So the last winter we had been doing 3 batches an hour at 12 pounds, and having a hard time with it. Today, after the maintenance we are doing almost 5 batches an hour, and dropping in 18 pounds. This seems more inline with our friends roasting on 1950′s Probats (the ratio of beans on a similar sized drum). When we first started roasting we were dropping 15 pounds and four batches an hour. Cleaning jet orifices has made such a huge huge improvement.

Other news, someone returned about 28 jars the other day- thank you. Please dont recycle your widemouth mason jars but re-use. Selling in glass is hard for us, but glass is preferable to paper, and so so so much better than plastic- as we are the only roaster in portland not packaging in plastic bags, we are excited to offer glass, and to re-use. thank you.

More other news- Japanese shaved ice saturday went smooth. Strawberry Rhubarb was the favorite. more of that next saturday.

Shaved Ice Starts Saturday 11-3, and roastery news

Thursday, May 16th, 2019


Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Starting this Saturday, May 11, 2019, Courier Coffee will host the first Concept Capsule by ESPER: a young, Portland-based concept developer inspired by classical anachronism, paradisiacal fanaticism and design simplicity. The installation includes two designs on canvas and limited edition printed T-shirts on 100% cotton.

Find ESPER on Instagram: @Esperusa

Contact Email:

Kakigori summer.

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

May 18th. get ready.

check us on ssshavedice on instagram for detail.

strangely coffee

Sunday, April 28th, 2019

a fifth of the tools are laid on the copper bar in the order of.

xcelite drivers/ wiha (crap) drivers/ anodized crescent adjustable/ P&C #2 flat/ Olympia adj.. (c/o Winks Hardware)/ supertool adj widejaw (Japan only)/ Knipex Cobra (which i like over the larger one)/ Channel Lock slipjoint linemans pliers/ Fuller adj pipe wrench 14/ Rigid b110/ ips ths-190/ channel lock crimpers/ Knipex 87-41-250/ Top nra-150/ Top 150mm thin exactwrench (japan only)/ Bondhus metric hex set/ vmf metric open box flat set/ and a bunch of Armstrong open-close combinations in both imp and metric (c/o Hall Tool).

There is an ATAT walker resting on the beams above. Behind me a calendar for the next three months with the moon phases in bleeding POSCA marker paint. An empty can of Sapporo special beer with a small wooden board from a Japanese shrine in Niigata to bring us good fortune. There are also several nice stereo components, some Yamaha NS-6′s (tens are at home- and yeah they are not “the best” but they do work the hardest to reveal fault)..

Strangely there is also the 70 pounds of coffee Ive roasted behind me, and well, a lot of other things. I could tell you about the summer. I could tell you about how we made a slight increase in a few prices because thats how it goes but. let me just say

twenty years ago at Cleveland highschool we made Miner Bee homes out of blocks of wood. At first i took it serious to save the bees and nothing happened. then two weeks ago- someone put the block of wood i made with holes by the back door as a piece of art- Now have three little holes full and five Bees working at it….The bees are very friendly.

from a small business hotel near Yutenji Station, Tokyo.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Action in the last month included repair of our Market Forge half sheet oven located below the bar. We also installed a Fetco CBS-2031e brewer at Assembly Brewing on 62nd and Foster, who soft open tomorrow, and will be serving Courier Coffee. Ran into a little hiccup where the brewer was not remembering its settings, which we hope has remedied by leaving it powered up. And finally, two weeks ago we had a wonderful staff meeting over at the roastery, where we decided to increase a few prices on our menu, work on new drinks, and in general talked shop improvements.

I personally am in Japan for two weeks, to see family. Our Daughter turned three in February and we are here to visit the shrine in her mom’s hometown for a sort of coming of age ceremony. Having just returned from the east coast i am currently drinking 7-eleven coffee (its 5am), which i have to say really beats Bodega coffee I have had in New York .

Going to our favorite Japanese Shaved ice place today. You will see photos on ssshavedice instagram account for sure probably in a few hours. anyway- im going to run out to the lobby for some juracappresso coffee now (its probably not that exact brand, but you know. everyones asleep. Then make some new menus, as we have new coffee coming to courier, and ill pop those in the mail to portland.