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table is full

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

sixteen brown demitasse lined on either side of the bar, still mostly full of coffee, from the cupping we had yesterday (tasse, cup in Italian). In the center an upside down control box lid , resting on its cooling fins, low voltage relays up. Tools lie pilled between the three group LSM and the two group Synesso.

Some sweet new additions have been added to our workshop. We now have a beautiful Wilton 1745 bench vise, Mitutoyo dial caliper, and a Knipex adjustable spanner. All of these came from our favorite tool shop- Hall Tool (1724 SE Grand, next to Goodwill). Knipex makes absolutely the best pliers, and we are lucky that Hall Tool steers us straight (Channel Locks garbage compared to Knipex). This is great to facilitate our work.

It is wonderful to focus all day on one project, like refurbishing our friends espresso machine. But, honestly, we have been busy. There are Tachometers sitting on our table, house-made wiring diagrams to test. We have three new accounts this month to check in on. Foster Burger has been on the tip of everyones tongue, and yes, they are open for business! Daniel from Sel Gris has teamed with the owner of PokPok to open this Burger and Milkshake eatery. Dovetail Baking opens later this month on 30th and Alberta, right on the corner! Our friend Dane Artman has opened a secret siphon bar (really a chocolate workshop) on the corner of 37th and Gladstone, with even more mysterious hours.

We are kind of busy, oh and finding a retail location central to the eastside would be nice, on a bike/nieghborhood through street.

New CCR sign at Little Red Bike Cafe

Monday, August 31st, 2009

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KeeganMeegan did this rad Courier Coffee sign, for our friends at LRBC. They are a small press and bindery on the south edge of the eastside industrial area, where Division meets the river (actually Ivon street, one south of Division). Their shop is part of EM Space, a center for book arts. Keegan and Katie, of KeeganMeegan, have a love for hands on printing, reflected in their collection of letter, and printing presses. EM Space holds classes and workshops, and has its own large collection of working presses. About once a week we drop off a glass jar of coffee to KeeganMeegan. We think their newest sign is rad! Huge thanks to LRBC, who contracted the artwork, for supporting Courier Coffee in all we do, and being one of the best coffee friends ever.

loving Perierra Creperie

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

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Ham & Gruyere with an egg, and mustard!

Loving Perierra Creperie, you will find us their almost daily eating a Ham and Gruyere crepe, or perhaps just checking in on their coffee supply. Currently they are pressing up Guatemala Esquipulas de Chiquimula finca las Nubes, our super juicy, tangerine milk chocolate, late july crop arrival coffee from Don Fabio Solis’s farm. The crepes are totally awesome, and we pretty much dream of eating them all day long.

Gruyere is a Spanish cheese, and after the egg is laid down a few loops of mustard before the crepe is folded over. Start to finish the entire process is about three minutes. The result is super delicious, and addition of an egg to your order is highly recommended. Of course, they have probably twelve different crepes, and at least five milkshakes, but we find a special attachment for the Ham and Gruyere.

Perierra Creperie is located on 12th and Hawthorne, bike commuter nexus for the eastside.

Tuesday- Saturday 8am-3am. Sunday 9- late

espresso like mashed up flowers, then brunch

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

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Ray of Little Red Bike Cafe made me a wonderful espresso like mashed up flower petals. I wish I had a flower expert to bike around with me and help me with the floralness in my mouth. All I can say is that the flowers are purple and not bitter like i feel they should be. there is also a chlorophyll vibrancy from the juice coming up the stems. Perhaps it is like sucking the juice right out of the stems?

IMGP3415 by you.

I had a cute couple sitting next to me having brunch, so i took pictures of their food. The French toast looked awesome, good choice. I had the home-made granola with honeyed yogurt, but was starving so neglected to take a photo. However I pocketed a blueberry scone for later, the scones were gigantic today.

IMGP3412 by you.

Today was bridgepedal, hey bike friends! My ride was pretty interesting, leading me up to Belmont Station. Much dish washing, books, roasting, packaging, bottling, and delivering.

Perierra Creperie now serving Courier Coffee

Monday, July 13th, 2009

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Perierra Creperie makes crepes on 12th and Hawthorne. Starting tomorrow they will be french pressing Courier Coffee!!! Coffee offering- Guatemala Huehuetenango finca Palhu. Coffee will be served in paper cups, and made often. Bring a cup from home!! Sean of the Creperie is making a large sign inviting people over for coffee, definitely bicycle themed. The crepes are delicious, they are open till 3am, and this is an outdoor food cart- super bike accessible!!

Half & Half Cafe, 923 SW Oak

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

IMGP2996 by you.Half and Half Cafe is one of two Portland coffee shops serving Courier Coffee. It is around the corner from Powell’s Books on Burnside, Rocco’s Pizza, Jackpot Records, and Veloshop. It is also neighbor to Reading Frenzy and the Independent Publishing Resource Center. We love the Half and Half and their bright yellow cups, wonderful people, deviled eggs. I’ve been coming here since they opened in 1999 and was delighted when they decided on our coffee.

I’ve always gotten a double espresso at the Half and Half. When I worked another job downtown, the espresso at the H&H kept me going. Later, coming back from school on holiday we visited the H&H. Now I enjoy going there when it is a little slower, enough time for me to get a quick espresso and chat with the kids working. In the afternoon bikes pile up outside, people gather. Check out their new yellow chairs for sitting out front!

IMGP2969 by you.

And they do a pretty sweet job at espresso. The past few months, espresso has been great. On our end, we’ve been keeping the mix the same 50/50 Sulawesi Toraja washed process and natural process Ethiopia Sidamo, organically grown. We like to communicate about the espresso a lot. Often this comes out as a bunch of writing on the paper bags the coffee is delivered in.

The H&H is serving espresso at 199.5 degrees Farenheit. Temperature is set using a Scace Device, which we think measures 2 degrees higher than if one were to use real coffee grounds and a bead probe to calibrate (or so we hear, but haven’t gotten around to testing ourselves). The pressure on the Scace is 96 psi. Each group uses a 0.6mm brass flow restrictor (three generations back in Synesso technology; later stainless steel discs; now synthetic ruby). The temperature on the Half and Half’s machine is super stable.

What you should have learned from this lesson: CCR loves H&H.

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28th and Glisan, Dove Vivi cornmeal crust pizza

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

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Cornmeal crust pizza from Dove Vivi and Guatemala Huehuetenango finca Palhu coffee roasted 6.19.09, 9 am. Where was I the last two nights? Saturday I was at Dove Vivi with Chris Merkel and Sunday I went with my dad, sister, and our friend/house guest Emily for a Father’s Day celebration. Dove Vivi does serve Courier Coffee, and for the next few days they will definitely be serving Guatemala finca Palhu (finca means farm). But we loved the place before our coffee relationship developed.

Courier Coffee loves this sweet neighborhood pizza shop for so many reasons. Evan and Ali of Little Red Bike Cafe put us onto them a while ago. In fact, the first time I ate there was at a big group gathering for LRBC’s anniversary. We had a table of at least fifteen. It was awesome: friends just kept arriving and adding to our group, and E&A had pre-ordered everything. E&A also knew all the servers, and we all got introduced, which made us (me, at least) feel super special. Fast forward several months and I’m not only delivering them coffee but doing bicycle scavenger hunts with the staff’s friends and family, eating their delicious pizza almost weekly, and going there to celebrate my own events.

The pizza I’m having for breakfast this morning (left over from last night) is Corn Cashew and Brie+Grape. (Corn Cashew: vegan roasted red pepper, cashew cheese, fresh sweet corn, caramelized onions, chives. Brie+Grape: whole roasted garlic, carmelized onions, pine nuts.)

Oh! Yeah, and the owners of Dove Vivi are my age, have also started their own business, are a young couple in love, and make their pizza themselves every night with their friends. And everyone working there is beautiful (i.e. we secretly have crushes on all of them).

Coffee gets delivered to Dove Vivi about twice a week in glass mason jars of 0.7 lbs, whole bean. The coffee is kept back on a shelf near the big wooden work table, and staff french press it to order.