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black lives matter, and a status update on the shop.

Friday, June 5th, 2020

In this emotionally charged time, there is so much i want to say- so much of it is stuck in draft, and some of it ive just hit “post” then rethought and deleted, but perhaps simple is best.

We embrace, and are with, and in support of Black Lives Matter. We do not support the police culture of brutality, violence, fear, racism, power, and impunity for law or recourse. We dont think police are able to be armed, or that they have shown they can be responsible, as they have shown that they are above the law. We would like to see a radical change. There is a problem, and as we have seen the last week Police have continued to use violence, have escalated things, and also have gotten away with it.

I cant say that all police are horrible people, or that i have not been helped by the police, that would not be fair. But i can say that when we reopen we would like to have a space supporting positivity, love, acceptance, and understanding and respect of each other. since the comments are mostly spam on this wordpress, if you want to comment direct please email – perhaps title the email “comment” so that i can find it better.

Kourtney- (worked at Courier for a few years), is working on an idea to use the coffee shop for art surrounding BLM for the downtown shop- We are paying rent, sounds like a good idea- my only pre-requisite is that we dont entirely obscure the windows- i like people being able to peek in.

Coffee shop still paused, no timeline. Just because the government says its safe to reopen, I dont feel safe. Memorial day was two weeks ago, and Protests are ongoing. At the same time cases were dropping. I understand people are tired of this new life, but to me it feels like we are becoming just bored, and thinking it wont happen to me. someone said if we take our temperature before meeting people its fine- haha. perhaps people are finding that they cannot live without being close to others. Japan apparently has done extremely well, lately. This is the perfect time to work on making better coffee at your house, or perfecting your own canele recipe.

Be well, and be safe, to those of you practicing distancing, not touching your face, and washing hands, and wearing a mask – good work. stay safe.