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good news, sour news.

Saturday, September 26th, 2020

Postmates has removed us- This is amazing news- Super news since we have been on pause since March.

If any of you helped us get removed- you have our thanks. Many people have shared their postmates bad stories, about customers confusing that postmates and the business work together (absolutely not the case).

Personal news-

Halloween is coming up. Since our daughter is 4 years old- we really do want to dress up- however the pandemic is trouble. Of course Santa Clause will wear a mask and get tested before coming to our house, and probably use our bathroom to wash his hands.

On my private list- i would like to learn protocol for Ham radio. There is also a new lego set coming out that uses braille. But the short issue is figuring out how to build a treehouse for winter- that fits code requirements. This year it seems like the health department has given up anyway- which is interesting- from an inspection standpoint- since we should be more concerned. Now they just ask on the phone if we are safe. Cannot speak out- because i always receive retaliation. I can tell you that we take safety for customers above and way beyond.

Also if you are reading this post- I am looking to other families who are as concerned about the pandemic as i am. We have not formed a “pod” or group. and its just my dad, sister and my family. Our daughter likes to run around, speaks Japanese, but i would prefer anything- however it would be cool if it was not english. Mostly because she does get a lot of english anyway. Most important is safety. so our friends safety would be our safety. Korean would be cool because ive been learning it. Spanish would be sweet.

Honestly if you have a kid- and you are really safe- call me. that would be great- joel courier

also- one more thing- deliveries i gave up on today- Interstate was entirely blocked- which cuts up my route. I knew the white supremicist group was going to be downtown, shame on them, and i did not anticipate having my delivery route cut off- my fault, but i will deliver in the night i guess.

BLACK LIVES MATTER. if you have extra posters that kids made to support BLM please let us know- currently we have an artshow in the window which is hard to understand- because it was made by a 4 year old. some of my customers have shared posters with me that have gone up at our house.

We hope everyone is ok today. joel

One month later- Postmates will continue to market Guacamole Espresso.

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

The staff at postmates seem to know that Guacamole Espresso does not exist- but no one at the company has the power to change the menu.

fyi- we are also still on temporary closure from the Pandemic.

We would like them to stop the menu. and sales of our product- because its not for sale anyway.

Postmates re- believes in the country of Guacamole.

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Postmates has read our post- and has decided to spell Guacamole correct. But i am still trying to convince them that Guacamole is not a country. The only positive on Postmates is that their wait music while on hold is nice.

I dont want to come down hard on non- english speakers- but again Guacamole is not a country. its been three weeks. We have also never served a “Guacamole” espresso- ever.

In the mean time they will take your money for our Guacamole espresso- and then hold your money. fyi- it could be snickers espresso, gold fish espresso- these people wont stop.

Your loss is their profit.

why do i have to spend 5 hours a week on this?
Why is Postmates selling product from 5 years ago that cant be sold.

Coffee from the country of Guacemole and notes about smoke.

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Mad props to a company that sells Courier drinks from the country of Guacemole. I am not that educated. It took me a week to explain why Guacemole is not a country, to a company that refuses to use spell check, or knows that the word does not exist in the english language.

Also- Courier does not work with Postmates, or Grubhub, or Ebay, or Caviar. Courier does not believe that the city/town/country/ continent of Guacemole exists. The pictures used on their sites are actually from random bakeries.

we were able to get courier removed from postmates, but we apologize for letting it continue.

I looked us up on Yelp, or Google, the other day and we have actually more sales since we have been closed then ever before….. i find this interesting while having a zero income, and that our profits that have been posted since we paused have shown an increase in sales.

Another topic- Anyone using a serious mask- have you noticed anything?

At home my family has been boiling herbs in water on the stove- to reduce the smoke. I am not sure it works, but maybe mentally. I did hear vineger on the stove works.

check those airfilters in your car, and house. They may be getting a little more used. and to those of you in the fire areas, best wishes. courier

i was asked to be more positive- and i have it for you.

Friday, September 4th, 2020

We have tried many things- and a few of them have worked.

cornering the market on shure-n-44g cartridges- positive.
In our attempt we have also attempted to repair a GFA-555 Adcom- fail.

Our dreams include building a treehouse, plotting to reopen the shop downtown, and being curious about how the company- postmates- are selling our product.. Fyi they are selling product from 5 years ago online (rumor has it you can buy anything).

Many things have made me happy over the years- our staff, my wife and daughter and the support of my family….. and lets just cut to the last part- my stereo.

I have a long list of awesome people and things, but now the next step is to bring the best ones back,

i cant say its awesome- but my goal after goal is to revive the audio cable for my minidisc player.

lets work together.
also still roasting coffee.
wish i was playing minidiscs.
roastery is too dusty for records.