You may be familiar with our chocolate chip cookies, made with 65% chocolate from Maracaibo, Venezuela by Felchlin. Today Leala introduced her cookies with a 72% Arriba chocolate, from Equador. Absolutely fantastic. Also the Sandwiches contain a mushroom bourginon, wonderful.

We have now settled on perhaps accurate simple flavor descriptors for our two Brazilian coffees. Both coffees are from Cerrado (pronounced Sah-ha-do), located in northern Minas Gerias (Minas for short). The coffee from the Serra Negra farm, owned by Pedro Rossi, 100% red Catuai variertal, has more fruity notes like strawberry. While coffee from Chapadao de Ferro (phay-ho), a red Catuai 99 hybrid varietal, farmed by Ruvaldo and Amelia Delarisse, is slightly more minerally and smells like banana bread. Both coffees are natural processed, meaning the cherry dries on the seed before being removed, and so a lot of sugars in the body. We roast these coffees on the lighter side of medium to showcase the natural sugars.

We are still super excited about the NPR mention on Ari’s show Friday. Also this weekend i visited Lucy’s Original on Mississippi, Between Sunlan and Mississippi Studios. Evan of Little Red Bike Cafe Fame has reincarnated the Messenger Sandwich as a burger. If anyone has been wondering where the food manifestation of LRBC has been Lucy’s Original is one part. Their food truck is tucked away and open for Lunch and Dinner. So, so satisfying on so many levels, cannot believe I slept on this until now. The Juicy Lucy is kinda a Minnesota thing, cheese inside the burger itself. Also they have a stellar Vegan Burger, as confirmed by Tyler, our resident expert. sold!

Courier Bar hours M-Fri 7-5. We sell whole bean coffee by weight, coffee drinks, and house made bakery.

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