923 sw oak. M-F 7am-5pm. wholebean coffee for kitchens, friends, lovers. drinks at our bar.

Chinese New Years is almost at an end. Today special treats at our bar. Complimentary lip shaped cookies, w rasberry jam glaze. Leala, of Courier Coffee, got roses for everyone. Tyler, Ryan and co. made valentines for all our customers. And of course some very special bake goods. Coffee is for lovers.

On a different front entirely, yes! all of our coffee has changed. Papua New Guinea Onaka Agoga estate, and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Yirgacheffe coffee farmers Cooperative Union. This weekend was a little crazy. Popped out the hydraulic pistons on the cargo bike by accident, broke the seal, hydraulic fluid everywhere (not dot). rough. we love you, new coffee, thanks for being with us, thanks Courier staff for being beautiful.

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