The last batch of our Papua New Guinea Onaka Agoga coffee was roasted as espresso this morning. Samples were roasted in a quiet driveway last Friday. Today was a strange day on the phone.

James (pictured two posts below with a rose and americano) learned how to harvest parts from different machines and make a working machine. Cool things have been happening in the fridge and on bar at Courier. Our baker decided to make us Milk Jam one morning, and we are now making vanilla extract from Portland 88 Vodka (our housemade Syrup is still just vanilla beans and vegan cane sugar.

A few coffees have taken our hearts lately. There will be more roasting samples in the garage soon, and our newest coffee we receive tomorrow. come down to the bar and we will give you the news. best joel ccr 923 sw oak m-fr 7am-5pm

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