Brazil Carmo de Minas fazenda do Serrado. Late February arrival into the Port of Portland Terminal 6. This coffee is a pulped natural process, meaning that the outside of the cherry was removed, leaving meat clinging to the seeds as they dried. This is the simple explanation of Pulped Natural (note the little PN written on our sample bag above). Most coffee we see out of Brazil is either Natural, or Pulped Natural. The sugars from the cherry, as the meat dries, absorb into the seeds. This is different from a washed coffee, where the cherry is fully removed and the seed washed clean before drying. When roasting, these coffees must be done at lower temperature because the increased sugars caramelize much quicker. Each farmer handles their coffee differently, and making a natural, or pulped natural coffee takes much work in the drying process, typically done on concrete patios, or later silo’s. The seeds must dry uniformly, and not go too quick or too slow.

Fazenda do Serrado is farmed by sisters Maria Rogeria and Maria Valeria Costa Pereira. The lot that we purchased is 100% Yellow Bourbon varietal, lot #1069. Later today it will be on bar as both espresso and as pourover coffee. Strawberry aromatics, blackcurrant spice finish. Unlike our recent offerings this coffee is very smooth, medium body, and super clean. Even though our current/recent offerings have been washed coffees and clean compared to their origin, they are still rough and muddled. Maria and Maria farmed a lovely coffee here, and we invite you to try it at our bar, or to come get some for your houses this weekend from our bar.

Market of Choice, up on Terwilleger, is now retailing our coffee in Glass Mason Jars, whole bean. We re getting thrilled for the spring, and besides working through the mounds of paper work we are doing some spring cleaning of our own (pictured below). Pictured above some Ninkasi chocolate stout cake with a Pendleton whisky glaze, perhaps a good sign from our baker. We have also noticed a series of extractions and jams appearing in fridge. The Farmers Market downtown opens this weekend and this will most definitely be our larder for the season to come. Much news at 923 SW Oak.

New coffee-

Brazil Carmo de Minas fazenda do Serrado

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