The do Serrado coffee, lot 1069 Yellow Bourbon varietal, was juicy, light, clean, and full of strawberry aromatics these last two days. At Courier’s Bar the espresso ‘floated on water’ took on deep berry notes, black cherry, while acting completely different paired with steamed milk. A little salt, melon, and strawberry hinted in velvet thin steamed milk poured up through the espresso in short, wide jars. Neatly enjoyed straight the do Serrado has been dropping at 6 seconds and gaining a lot of fullness at 25 second extractions, beautiful coloring and thick viscous oil gives way to crisp sparkly citrus. This is a very satisfying espresso to make, and to enjoy different ways.

This week was great at Courier and Friday was a wonderful day. The bar was behaving as intended, without any lines, orders being taken, folks leaning at the bar chatting, while coffee poured, drinks prepped, milk steamed. We are working through the weekend to bring another awesome week. Leala is out hunting for food at the market today, I will be cupping and roasting and working “the books,” looking forward to seeing you Monday at 7am and onward-

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  1. christopher says:

    i believe that the accepted idiom is “cooking the books.” that’s what you meant, right? ;)

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