Made a new friend today, a Lab/Pointer greeted me at a green coffee warehouse i like to visit (green seeds are what we roast into coffee to be drunk). While Matt (?) was running the forklift I got a chance to hang out with his sons dog- super smart by the way. Matt is from Samoa, he moved to Portland with the goal of learning coffee from our side, back to his. While small, Portland seems to keep us connected to places very far away.

Our new coffee got picked up today in my family’s Toyota Corrolla. 732 pounds of coffee, enough for two weeks at Courier (we are a small roastery- no joke). When I got back to the roastery Alex had the Sanfranciscan just approaching roast temperature, having rolled out of bed 20 minutes prior to receiving my message. Alex did the predawn deliveries, perhaps an hour and a half of riding, and then went back to sleep.

El Salvador finca (farm) San Luis, located in the Las Ranas mountains, one of the nine farms owned by the Menendez family, who we purchased directly from. The brothers Miguel and Guillermo spend most of the year in the United States, while their Father keeps track of things at the farms. This family farms organically, and this particular farm is Rain Forest Alliance certified, both a social and ecological meaning certification. Currently we have purchased coffee from both their farms on the Las Ranas side of the range. These lots arrived in February into the port of Portland. Our friends at Sterling Coffee Roasters have also purchased lots from the brothers, and we are excited to see the coffee in the coming month at Sterling. For the moment our espresso will remain the do Serrado, of Brazil. Two weeks for a coffee is just too short.

Last batch of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Farmers Union on bar today as a drip pourover.

Cold brew Brazil do Serrado made today, after a 24 extraction. ask about our new ICE

loads and loads of wild mushrooms (farmers market)  inside the savory pies today, absolutely to die for. and a Cake, not unlike pound cake to fill your belly, paired perfectly with some pourover coffee.

yeah, we will edit this page up later, just wanted to share whats up (in the proverbial words of Kyle Simmons.)

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