Espresso on bar at Courier- lot from ten family farms in Coraca, Bolivia. Coraca lies East of La Paz on the highway. Monday morning will start with espresso roasted 4/21 then afternoon we will start on a slightly longer and developed roast from 4/24 (super fresh).

Coffee on bar will be Coraca and El Salvador San Luis farm. Decaf coffee from the Rodriguez de Mendoza Coop in Chanchamayo, Peru. Cold Brew of the Coraca, Bolivia, will be decanted at exactly noon. The Coraca is a fine coffee, however the mellow flavors lack sparkle when cold steeped. What we search for now is something that will really open up when cold steeped, something of perhaps higher acidity.

The coffees on bar now still have a ways to go yet as far as soul searching. The El Salvador San Luis does have juicy sugars holding a dark fruit. Our tendency is to go lighter and lighter with coffees before we start to got darker. What is the balance with a coffee like the Bolivia Corasca that is so light, and leans to the sour side at lower roasts, but yet has so much delicate flavor. I do want much more meatyness in the sugars, we want the coffee to be fat in the mouth. But how much of this do we do at the sacrifice of the juice, which must be at least present for us.

At Courier’s bar a huge pile of twenty-five pound bags rest on our shelf. Oats, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin, Sesame, Corn, Semolina, Whole Wheat Pastry- we are so excited. Saturday a big trip to Bob’s Red Mill, as much of it organic as possible (and all of it GMO Free). I left our baker while she was making Sandwich spread, and ginger extract.

Delivering coffee on the Cargo Bike early morning. For multiple reasons I picked up a lot of citrus on the way home. The citrus and the mason jars for the morning delivery looked so pretty. I have a feeling most of the citrus will make its way back to Courier.

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