Have you noticed the coffee grounds at the doorway of our bar? The affect this has on folks is interesting. We know it looks a little messy (hopefully not too bad), but this coffee keeps ants out of our shop. During the transformation/build out of the space we worked really hard to seal almost all the cracks and crevices. The seal on the door is one of the hardest since 923′s door is so massively wide (and perhaps more prone to expansion/contraction). The ants appear to be coming from a crack in the sidewalk outside. We are¬†adamantly opposed to using any kind of pesticide or poison in/or outside our bar (or roastery for that matter). Each day at closing new coffee grounds are placed at the entryway to Courier. The key is to have them powder fine (we use the Robur grinder, the same grind we make espresso at). Between coffee to keep the ants out, and cleaning up their little trails inside each day Courier appears to be winning.

Cold brew most definitely on bar today- Bolivia Coraca. We also have an abundance of coffee roasted on the first of May. I think we will hold off this week bringing a new batch downtown until late Wednesday, or Thursday at the latest. Alex and I both got overzealous roasting this week. But plenty of coffee for you today (and for the ants)!

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