Entirely in love with Brazil do Serrado as espresso. Grown by Maria and Maria Perierra, two sisters who have been winning CoE (Cup of Excellence) competitions the last few years. This coffee is Yellow Bourbon varietal, and sadly shipped to us in Grainpro. Well, take the bitter with the sweet.

Brazil agriculture is much like ours. Large scale farming and machinery. Everyone is shipping in Grainpro this year, or basically plastic bags. There are different types of plastics, both layered and woven made by Grainpro. The coffee still comes in burlap bags, but also packed with a plastic lining. The plastic keeps the green coffee from losing moisture content during shipping, and also from swapping flavors (chemical compounds) from whatever the beans are near (i.e. burlap, and other coffee). The downside is that the coffee may become too moist, or get to hot, and get funky. Really Grainpro is much like a really big, and slightly thicker garbage bag, like what you would imagine a computer or something to be packed in. But really do we need plastic?

Lets remember last years coffee from Brazil that we had at Courier. It was fantastic, and none of it packed in Grainpro. We think the Grainpro is a response to rising prices of coffee. The value of coffee has increased 20% over the last year. With rising prices importers seek to protect their investments from further loss, they can also increase margins to cover the plastic packaging, which is not cheap (look what Bobs RedMill is doing to their flour packaging at New Seasons- shame shame).

Our current espresso is lovely. On bar today we still have three coffees to choose from. Coffee beans for sale in glass, or paper lined paper bags. Housemade Granola also available in glass and paper. Bourbon Cake made with cherries soaked in Makers, in honor of the Kentucky Derby.

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