Weekend spots for Courier Whole Bean Coffee:

Market of Choice Burlingame (glass mason jars 12oz for $13 including jar deposit).

Eastmoreland Market, 36th and Knapp (8oz for ??)

Jade Teahouse, Sellwood

Dovetail Baking, 30th and Alberta.

Please remember to check the date the coffee was roasted and buy only what you can use while the coffee is in its prime. After two weeks from roast its not really worth it. You want to have that coffee within the first seven days, ten days is not too bad either. Coffee does change the farther from the roast date. As we say (sometimes too much) coffee is kind of like strawberrys picked ripe, you want them fresh. Much roasting will happen in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Monday morning everything at our bar (923 sw oak) will be available fresh as whole bean again (roasted Sunday). And remember we do deliver to offices across downtown, 24hr notice is nice. Early morning call ins almost always may be done same day. umm bike delivery.

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