Eye candy to tide you over til tomorrow.

IMGP2633 by you.
This is another picture of my Sprout Cycles rack, made from the dead parts of my old Surly 1×1 frame. The fork-mounted supports were once the Surly’s chainstays. All the welds were done with brass and silver. This rack has totally saved my back since the rear wheel of the cargo bike went out of commission. It’s great for piling boxes. Though it might slow me down a bit — and it’s much more difficult to balance at a stop — it’s much more fun than using just my bag.

I currently have a choice stock of large cardboard boxes from a shipment of our vacuum sealed green beans. I’ll usually select my favorite box and use it on the rack til it won’t hold. Then it gets recycled. I guess this only keeps staying awesome for as long as this dry weather holds up. But, I guess that closing the box flaps may keep our coffee dry for a little longer. Anyway, this rack: awesome.


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