Leala Humbert, our baker

Leala does all bakery/food at Courier’s bar. August first marks the opening of our shop a year ago. We have been roasting coffee for the people of Portland eight years, and in this time we got to know a wonderful person (kind of a nerd) Leala Humbert. In the last year she has worked and worked on beautiful muffins, textury pastry dough, flavorful cakes, and has brought granola and oats to life. Tasty bakery and food are crucial because we cannot drink coffee all day. We love our baker, and nearing our bars anniversary it is important to note the rock stars of Courier. Hands down (with no┬áprejudice at all:) we can say that Leala’s cornmeal pastry, granola bars, muffins and cookies are the best ever. Throughout the last year it is Leala who has done all food creation at Courier, and the girl has put her heart and soul
into it. The housemade everything has gotten better all the time as she has worked passion and vigor into the bakery. Leala truly is a winner and we are very fortunate, delighted and happy that she is with us. Much love.

Above Leala just returning from the Farmers Market. She does at least one market a week, and basically all our shopping. Cherries, kale, strawberry, zucchini, carrot, onion, many items for this weeks menu.

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