There were many bees at Peoples Farmers market. Tiny children replaced friend Sergie to sell us honey, his younger sister and brother (great rivers farm, sauvies island). The bees should probably know this is not their honey. Before, we gathered wax paper bags, cheese, and poppy seed at New Seasons on Division. Later today coffee sample roasted in joel’s backyard. rustic sample roasting to be carried out at sunset (of coffees we are deciding whether to purchase).

This has been a lovely week at Courier. Leala has a new job (our baker), which we are thrilled with- Little T American Baker (the most amazing bread ever). She is doing pastry there, while still working with us (our predawn scratch baked goods- we are the only coffee roaster downtown baking scratch- and it rocks). Monday and Tuesday of this week were amazing days, so busy and we are so grateful to our patrons. We love serving you.

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