Cupping at Little Red Bike Cafe, 2 pm.

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Today at 2 pm we are having an informal cupping at Little Red Bike Cafe. Everyone is invited. We will be bringing several roasts from different days of our Brazil Perdizes de Minas fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima coffee. The varietal is Icatu and it is a traditional natural process, organically grown coffee. Rumor has it Evan of LRBC has made some cold press Kenya Mchana, and Ray could be making some interesting single origin espresso. This is LRBC’s day off, so the pace should be a little more laid back than usual. 4823 N Lombard at the intersection of Fiske.

One Response to “Cupping at Little Red Bike Cafe, 2 pm.”

  1. Tim Roth says:

    Thanks dude! It was fantastic.