Saturdays hours have been a hit. The best part of Saturday is serving customers directly out of our oven. Folks will come and wait for the Zucchini bread (vegan), buttermilk scones w heaps of fresh peaches baked on top, and savory tarts. The weekend is very different, since we continue to bake at open-after 10am. Friends come and knock on the door a little earlier, seeing our bikes outside.

Leala, our food creative and beloved baker, is setting up a test kitchen in her apartment now. The last month at Little T American Baker has her wanting to work large amounts of pastry, which she is loving there. To put more passion into what she loves (creating) she will now be doing her food dreaming from her kitchen and at Little T. Although we are going to miss her, she is still family, and will still be there when we need her help. The last few months we have actually been baking off what Leala has prepped, and working side by side with her in the wee hours of the morning. Her recipes will still be with us, and we expect to be eating a fair amount of her test baking from home. xox

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