away for a few days, it was perhaps the first time the staff was on their own. Three nights making and eating amazing meals. A huge copper kettle to heat water and a borrowed swissgold filter. This week we entertain new coffee samples (of prospective offerings), add a few more barhooks, and continue to search for the perfect bathroom mirror. Also the afternoon “little buddy”, a drink we make (seemingly fitting for afternoons) is really starting to grow on us.

the Little Buddy is slang for short americano. Often at our bar it refers to one cup in particular (thats right- one single vessel). The stock bar cups each come in sets of 36, however Gretchen made each cup uniquely different. There are actually a few cups we feel comfortable serving as little Buddys, but there is one we will most definitely serve unless its already out, or buried under a mound of dirty dishes. The origin of the term Little Buddy is vague, but may be traced through the Little Red Bike Cafe, where one sometimes heard it ordered.

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