Coffees on bar

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Biloya Cooperative- organically grown, grade 2/ washed July arrival Oakland 16/lb

El Salvador San Luis farm- org grown, Rain Forest Alliance, March arrival Portland 16/lb

El Salvador Rosario farm- org grown, July arrival Portland 16/lb

El Salvador Las Delicious farm- org grown, RFA, 18screen Pacamara varietal July arrival Portland 22/lb

Decaf Honduras- org grown, water decaf process 16/lb

Available at our bar daily (we weigh out whatever you want). Weekly delivery of assorted coffee for retail to Food Fight, Eastmoreland Market, Market of Choice Burlingame (each Thursday evening), Dovetail Baking, Jade Tea House. We appreciate those getting wholebean coffee from our bar. Coffee is best had within seven days, maybe two weeks, of roast- so check those dates. We do have new coffees coming in early next week. And our tiny bakery has plans for banana bread, and ginger molasses cookies (also still doing cucumber brie sandwiches this week).

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