Peru Cautivo cooperative & Ethiopia Tiramisa (natural process) cooperative coffee arrived by truck from Oakland Monday. We now have both natural process and washed process coffee from Ethiopia, fun. We want to offer all seven coffees at our bar available by the cup (however it may be difficult to walk everyone through the offerings). A few coffees arrive each day from the roastery. We like to sell wholebean coffee as fresh as possible, something we want you to keep in mind the next time you are at the grocery store. We live in Portland, with over 3o roasters, coffee is roasted every day. Reality check is to go to Wholefoods and New Seasons and check dates, the bins have no date remember.

Portland is still being occupied, as are most major US cities and abroad. BT’s awesome lettering still adorns our wall (photos above). Thats Jeremy of Cellar Door Roasters above, and we totally saw and did the cranberries already at the PSU Farmers market. Our bars bakery is so excited for the fall.

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