Thursday at dusk your presence is requested to receive the childhood/fairytale of Stephanie Brachmann at 923 SW Oak.

Coyotes feverishly brought to life from sticks/fabric/paper/ and natural materials, roughly, if not actually, the size of real Coyotes. Each night this month, when they come to life, we will let them loose on Oak street to feed on small…  Months ago many may remember the fantastical swan that rose above our bar- that was Stephanie. We are very pleased to have her back and wish to see you this Thursday.

Small adjustments. A mirror scavenged off the streets of Portland for our bathroom. A beautiful new glass pastry dome on the backbar.  A really beautiful fiber glass 375 pound weight capacity ladder to move the flour and sugar (seriously totally rad). New Rayovac rechargeable batteries (all of Couriers batteries are rechargeable)  and now two extra-backup- sets of bike lights for our staff (since we bike to work). And all of this is going to help us make better coffee. oh and it looks like we may be sponsoring a bike racing team- Black Lodge Cycling. November is going to be an exciting month.

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