We moved from Ethiopia Shoye Cooperative coffee for espresso to Ethiopia Oromia Lekempti. Last night we drank the last espresso from our machine for 2011 before closing up, the Lekempti was really tasty. At our closing SizzlePie officially opened serving Champaign and pizza, so we headed over to celebrate. Our bar has a new neighbor.

Also on the gold plated filter front- our supplier has ceased importing coffee filters from Swissgold. This appears to have happened nine months ago. They have contracted a different factory to make their own filters which from blurry photos do not look promising. We panicked and bought them online at retail pricing in order to assure another couple years of coffee brewing. The reason for the change? The price of gold is increasing and the company importing fears they will not be able to move the filters as a product. Up until recently these had been picked up by Williams and Sonoma as merchandise.

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