Our delivery bike frame is on its third failure, a slight crack has formed on the top of the seat tube. We discuss this at our next OSHA meeting (serious). Any one brazen enough to purchase wholebean coffee (along a larger route) may not see how much we carry. While a beast to ride, our long john style front loader makes delivering coffee en masse possible, and throwing on that extra 30 pound order ‘almost no trouble at all.’ on top of an already loaded 80 pounds. Lucky for us our bike is made of steel, and we will probably look to one of our friends to work on it shortly.

On the upside Veloshop added new brake rotor, pads, and rebled our hydraulic brake line with mineral oil. Actually, a look into the roastery the other day would have shown that all three of our personal delivery bikes now have front porteur style racks (i bet we could hustle for a few days). James and Alex both with CETMA racks, and Joel’s Sprout Cycles rack.

The photo above shows how beautiful it was this morning, moving coffee through the city. At six AM on the eastside the moon was huge, and then downtown was full of lights. The way we move through the city brings with it a different mindset that we hope carries to all our work.

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