Saturday our bar served as a race checkpoint. Michelle Weeks and Michael Parich (friends of Courier) brought pancakes, where we warmed in the oven. Teams raced to multiple locations from Division to Lombard, having to drink a cup of coffee and eat a stack of pancakes at each stop. Team Sizzle Pie (previously known as Blacklodge Cycling)/ by Veloforma threw this years race (last year it was pizza and beer). The race ended at Apex.

I have to say, having all the bikes and riders at Courier was totally awesome. The first teams to arrive were served Papua New Guinea Kimel estate coffee, after  that it got kind of chaotic and I lost track of what we made next. Coffee was brewed drip pourover in advance and decanted into preheated thermoses, served in warmed cups.

Final Team results:
1st: Grundelbruisers
2nd: Upper Echelon
3rd: Spork/Ryan O’connel and Friends
4th: Trusty Switchblade
5th: Ironclad. Relegation for going to stops out of order
6th: Cthulul. Relegation for skipping stop #4

Bonus Round
1st Anona Whitley
2nd Brandon Sequoia Rothauge

Check out the Sizzle Pie Veloforma blog for more on pancake race

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