Rain flooded our roastery storeroom at the end of last week. This was a little nerveracking. Should we bring coffee to our clients, or save our roastery? The big question of the day was how fast the water was acquiring. It was pouring rain outside, and already we- either wet from biking, or soon to be wet. The wet/ dry vac was a late miracle (we have the hardware brand “shop-vac”, cheap yet it works). Using a wet finger to flip the switch would get us electricuted, but strangely not trip the gfci switches. The entire time our bar served drinks, clients actually received wholebean coffee, and the day came off. We do not often shop Fred Meyer, however their tarps and a staple gun from the Woolen Men served to protect the foundation of our house from further flooding.

Some parts of the roastery are extremely getto- like the gutters. Others, like our roasting equipment, our scales, most of our bike components and tools, and our gorgeous copper bar, are exactly not. A mix of both luxury and frugalness. the stack of notebooks by the door we got at a back to school sale for pennies on the dollar, next to the leftover phil Wood parts perhaps denotes this. There is a method.

Some spring cleaning happened early on this weekend. Now that we have been flooded and dried the basement is cleaner than ever. Monday is New Years for a few different places- Year of the Water Dragon. Happy New Years in advance, and much love.

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