Mason Jar cozies now sold at the bar (pictured below) also here.

Please note this week we deliver retail wholebean coffee to Fat Straw Wednesday, Market of Choice/FoodFight/Dovetail Thursday, and Eastmoreland Market/ Jade Teahouse Friday.

Thursday extended bar hours to receive friend Karen’s work, featured February. Coffee will be available in some form after normal hours. Karen put together a group of artists for our wall last year, and is friends with BT, who did the wooden lettering and signage. Should be pro.

In a second freak occurrence at the Roastery we lost our three bay sink for 24 hours. James and I sweated said sink all afternoon. Our problems later got sawzalled away, and thanks to James the dishroom is the cleanest ever.

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  1. michael says:

    hey, i took your photo for my website and cuppow’s tumblr