As the first quarter of the year closes we entertain extending our delivery route over the west hills. Last week we rode up to the velodrome, and by this we mean got horribly lost, and are now considering biking this weekly, while perhaps making negative money in the process. Courier is more about having awesome clients and keeping the coffee at its best than convenience. Delivering what we provide by bicycle is constant struggle, but if somehow we can keep our route and timing simple, and ourselves well fed, rested, and refreshed then it becomes mostly fun. This business was never easy, and it is kind of laughable that we can make it work, but at the same time pretty great. With our volume a car would save us time and instead of three people at the roastery we would only need one. But driving all day would make us very sad, and more people means more fun, so Courier totally works. The joy is in pulling things off with minimal force and with the most eloquence, perhaps why the bicycle is so great.
Courier’s bar is doing considerably better over last year. The bar has just gotten super fun to work at. This year we have perhaps overloaded ourselves with tasks to pull off by summer, and it will be the new drinks, and figuring out how to make our customers more welcome that we look forward to. With Ryan moving on to Simple we are left with four staff, which we are content with for the moment. The roastery still is at two or three.

New burrs for the Robur (pictured above), our espresso grinder, await install when our current ones wear too much. Below Cold Brew coffee with our large ice cubes, very much being made daily on bar.

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