Luc Lac serving Courier Coffee made Vietnamese dripper style. Vietnamese coffee is typically french roast, so that is how we did it. We are using the same seeds that are roasted for our bar, however passing the point of caramelization to where the acids and proteins actually break down. So black that when you open the roasted seed and squeeze the liquid oil actually may be forced out. Coffee takes 8- 10 minutes to make this way and will be served with sweetened condensed milk. Luc Lac is pretty cool. They are open for lunch and dinner, and offer a full bar. The Courier Coffee there will be much different than elsewhere, very french of us. Maybe jump there in the evening between spots for some coffee, or food, or a cocktail. The Coffee on bar is currently Colombia Huila Valencia, a pooled lot from thousands of farms, washed removal of cherry arriving in the port of Oakland January.

In a week there will be new coffee on bar, and being biked out to our clients, and retail spots around the city. News on the specifics will occur as the coffee rolls in. Hopefully everyone witnessed the amazing rainbow a few days ago (dont worry, more rainbows this spring we promise). Sunrise is one of the best times to be out and about Portland.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Hi! I was in your shop today and was the girl from Eugene touring all of the different coffee shops. Out of all of the coffee roasters I explored- you guys definitely were my favorite. There was something really special about the shop and you guys were so willing to share all of your knowledge with me. I wish I could’ve stayed longer! I will definitely be back and appreciate all of the information. Thank you so much! -Ashley