Wednesday is Earthday (this week). Bike to the City of Portland building, 1400 sw 4th ave, where Courier Coffee serves Cold Brew Papua New Guinea Kimel estate Coffee. Noon sharp. Poured into short mason jars with our signature large ice cubes, until we run out of glassware.

Sunday we represent Synesso Espresso Machines at the big coffee convention. Sunday noon sharp we make drinks in what we only imagine to be 1990 biodome conditions. We proudly rep Synesso, and as a business that services them across Portland and uses one at our bar, well, we think they are rad.

New Coffees on bar and delivered-
San Carlos farm, Chiapas, Mexico- April arrival Oakland, washed, organic grown
Alhueco peoples, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia- April arrival Oakland washed, organic grown
Menendez Family, San Luis Farm, El Salvador- April arrival Portland, washed, Bourbon varietal, organic grown
Menendez Family, El Salvador Pacamara varietal (thought it was Las Delicias farm but unsure)- April arrival Portland, organic grown.

this in addition to our Flores island coffee from Ngura (marchcrop arrival), Papua New Guinea Kimel estate (March crop arrival), and Colombia Huila Valencia (March crop arrival), and Decaf Ethiopia Sidamo Morodocafe (org and water decaf- Jan arrival).

Ok- So currently, good friends are in Paris at e.dehillerin. We have been getting pricing on Canelé forms made of copper, which at Sur La Table retail for 20 a piece. It has been exciting for us as we daily check their Tumblr accounts and get email updates on their experiences at different pastry shops. Michael and Brittany return Sunday and (if all goes well) with a bag full of new Canelé forms for us (which are what we make the funny tiny shaped pastries in). Keep your eyes on the backbar for the new copper.

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