New copper forms Brittany and Michael brought us from a store in Paris (above). They are noticeably better, much heavier, and slightly larger. The copper browns/crisps the outside more evenly, and also the Canelé slip right out of the forms without effort. We only picked up nine, and have fallen in love with copper as a material for baking forms. (We bake daily at our bar).

Espresso on bar has switched to El Salvador San Luis Farm Bourbon Varietal from the Menendez family, which cleared the Port of Portland two weeks ago. This coffee is organically grown, and washed removal of cherry from seed. Also we have ice cream in the fridge, so affogattos are totally available.

It has been busier than ever before at Courier. Kourtney, James, David, Tyler and Alex have all been doing a rad work. There is a lot of hustle here, perhaps a little more in how we do things. Thanks for being with us.

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