May, helicopters for a day, red posters for weeks. Our bank got ravaged in California we heard (Bank of the West). Downtown it was not the news, or customers, or posters, but the sound of helicopters, drawing our attention to the protest that carried on as we drank our coffee.

May, photography at our bar by New Avenues for Youth. Students were sent into the city with disposable cameras. We invite you over late Thursday (really YOU are invited), and while non of the art is for sale we want our friends to come more familiar with our downtown neighbors. Please check out their website, and of course their photos. Here you are, there are some cameras, take photos and bring them back. We ask you this month to familiarize yourself with your surrounding. There are many kids who are not at home, not at school, and perhaps without obvious options. New Avenues provides constructive resource, check it out.


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