Growlers of cold brew coffee now for sale at our bar. Quantity limited, bottled as a concentrate to be cut with water/ice, in sixty four oz mason jars, with ten day shelf life cold. Growlers will be 24 each with additional 2 dollar jar deposit. Pint Mason jars of Cold brew Coffee also readily available to go. Perhaps the perfect beverage to take to the park, river, work or school.

On the wholesale front PICNIC food cart has reopened at NE 20th and Everette for lunch W-Sun. They are serving our coffee hot. PINE STATE BISCUITS Northeast Portland is serving Courier Coffee alongside Stumptown Coffee, as part of their rotation of local roasters for the next two months.

This week Veloshop moved out (neighbors). Vanessa Renwick brought us nine more Canele forms from Paris, France. And the bar did a major re shuffling of the refrigeration, following the failure of one of our coolers thermostats (which we repaired). Getting ready for the summer we have doubled our mason jar storage, and have posted a menu on our glass window.

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