Sunday we work on new t-shirt designs for summer, prep Canele batter, and review. Cold brewing is in full swing, where we cold steep coffee in water for 24 hours, to strain through thick slabs of felt, making the coffee silky and smooth. Cold coffee is heads stronger than espresso poured over ice and cold water. There is more texture to it, and it is simply more substancial as a drink. Our refrigerator is very full of cold brew coffee, and we highly recommend that if you take it to go that you choose glass.

Pretty soon there will be some pricing changes at our bar. These will be substantial since we work in dollar amounts. The food scene of Portland has left quarters behind and so have we. It is always an awkward moment for us at a bar to receive two quarters back. Mochas and Hot Chocolates and ten oz Lattes are slated to increase. The dollar refill for a cup of coffee will most certainly go away, but currently these are the only items.

Looking forward to the summer we explore the possibility for a kiosk at 40th and Hawthorne, across the street from New Seasons, running very limited hours.

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