Our espresso machine is thankfully overbuilt. Coming off our busiest weeks on bar at Courier (so far) using only half the heating elements on our two group Synesso Cyncra. It is no secret that we have run the last year with only one group head functioning, but it was a surprise to find us using only one and not two heating elements in the steamboiler (with no decrease in quality).

One of our staff has recently been learning how to steam milk beautifully for drinks. To help her out we turned the steam boiler pressure down by controlling the temperature level at which each element turns on at. The steam boiler is one chamber heated by redundant heating elements that are each controlled by redundant temperature sensors. The boiler has two main outlets for steam (the steam wands), that are also redundant in their own way (but its fun to have two of everything). Our learning pressure is 1.4 bars, which is what the boiler reads when we are steaming milk (1.8bars when the steam valves are closed). Lower pressure in the boiler slows down the process of steaming milk. Some days when we are working and want more or less steam pressure we adjust the temperature settings that our heating elements want to activate at. In the same way we adjust the group/brew temperature on the tiny 1.6 liter boilers that make our espresso when we want more or less extraction.

Today is probably the day to install a new temperature sensor so that both our elements work properly.

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