Recalibrating temperature offsets using the Scace device downtown. Our machine has been detuned from factory using two teflon tubes reducing the area of water running through the steam boiler on its way to the brew boilers. The Scace creates a “like real” scenario, by letting through the same amount of water in time as a regular portafilter would (or as would happen with a real espresso). Basically it is a fancy portafilter with a temperature sensor. Whenever adjustments are made with temperature it takes roughly 20 minutes to achieve a new balance. A tenth of a degree in one second intervals is measurable but with low quantifiable accuracy. We really split hairs with trying to get both groups behaving exactly the same, however with proper calibration the Synesso machine comes close.

So today we dial in our digital temperature read out to match what we think our espresso coffee feels in the portafilter basket. Our pressure with the Scace measures 114 bars. To give everyone an idea this is what we set Extracto up with, where CoffeeHouse NW was a year ago, and where we were a year and a half ago. Pressure like temperature is vital in how the espresso pours.

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