Warmth has come again to Oak street. We have been running our cooling all year long because of our coffee, chocolate and drygoods, but now more than ever. The AC is both good and bad for many reasons, which is why we hope that keeping our front door closed will aid in running the cooling system as little as possible. This also keeps our espresso machine at temperature oddly enough. The espresso machine boilers are running at temperatures between 200F and 260F, while the room is usually at 65-75F. Whenever there is temperature overshoot caused by making a volume of drinks our machine relies on using the air in its surrounding environment to cool. The cooler the room, the better the temperature stability of the machine. Our machine itself has an excellent heating element that is powerful, but its cooling power relies upon the room temperature, the airflow around the boilers, and the amount of insulation (cups and dishes warming on the cup tray). This is why this week we will add a weight system to our front door.

drink prices change this week. Ethiopia Sidamo grade 2 arrives from Royal Coffee via Old Dominion later in the week (to be on bar and for our accounts). And we are so so excited about the bike summer events.

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