busier at our bar.

A month of bike fun closes, unsure of when Pedelpalooza ends. We enjoyed time with our good friend, “sprockette” and former Half and Half Cafe worker- Noel (of Show Me The Pink) this month. Please note the Lamplighter sticker in the glass at our bar. June has been a good time.

Michael Parich makes new run mason jar cozies (Pendleton wool), for sale currently.

We want so badly to open our coffee lemonade stand pop up shop at 40th and Hawthorne (the roastery). Although July leaves us bare with one of our roasters bands on tour, the Woolen Men. the month of August- Kourtney, on bar, heads to school for her masters (read that as we will be hiring).

Much work, much love from all of us at courier.

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