This morning Alex roasted coffee. The rest of Courier slept in. Some of us made cocktails from drinks at the Sizzler (our nickname for our neighbors on Oak) and instead of BBQing we made granola, oat bars, chocolate chip cookie dough.

The loss of our freezer is truly sad, True (made in America) really has not held well. This is our second compressor and we are pretty sure it is time for a third. Tomorrow the bar will be operating emergency style using whole foods as our icebox. Ryan from Apex Refrigeration arrives at ten, one of the folks who is working on our warranty. Now running a bar and not just a roastery we are learning how to overlap our skills into other fields (like refrigeration).

Lately the bar has been busy, thank you. We have not discussed it yet but for First Thursday the 5th of July i think we will run normal hours. We love Keegan so much we are going to see if we may keep his work up for next month. Behind the scenes we are going to work on our freezer. xox-courier

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