There is something just a little more glorious about Courier. We have just retained a new team member at the bar Niko (insert name and age here). Our bar is arguably a lot of work. We bake scratch on bar, make ice cubes, offer any one we think is thirsty a mason jar of water (even if they are getting coffee to go), melt chocolate for drinks, make vanilla syrup, handwrite menus and business cards, and painstakingly make every cup of drip individually (while pre-rinsing to go cups, and getting cream and sugar for everyone (instead of leaving it out). And we handwash all dishware, while actively keeping track of our record player. Working bar is a dance. Enter Niko, our newest member, who came along with good words from former Little Red Bike Cafe worker.

With a flat of strawberries we ride Farmers Market to bar. With fifty burlap coffee bags we stack high on our porteur racks and deliver to friends for their projects. Hundreds of pounds we are moving in a day by bicycle. Pouring rain keeps us wet and tired, yet still everything is pretty awesome.

Thanks team Courier. In the next week Alex of the roastery goes on tour with his band the Woolen Men. Tyler is in Ashland with Family. James makes up for lost time. Kourtney, David, Niko and Joel work it hard on the bar. All the while our freezer hangs onto the verge of death. Our record collection populates like bunnies. The Cargo bike sleeps with its broken aluminum strut. And we, are totally loving the summer, roasting coffee and working it. If anyone has any questions we invite you to come and chill at our bar. xox. courier

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