Portland Monthly writes about our Canelé in their newest issue, just now hitting shelves at places like New Seasons. This Bordeaux pastry is made of the stuff all bakery is made with, eggs, milk, butter, vanilla, flour and rum. Crisp outside and custardy inside. We bake eighteen each morning. We love that we are placed up there with Kens Bakery, the article is pretty rad and we hope you have time to read about it.

Last night we roasted samples at dusk, waking at 1:30am to work the production roasts on Hawthorne. The sky was clear and full of stars when we started, really a beautiful night. Towards dawn clouds snaked into the sky and at daybreak there were mountains of cloud in the NNE. Continuing the west hills. Riding over the Burnside was gorgeous.

Espresso on bar is now Ethiopia Oromia Guji (natural process, or dry hulled cherry from seed). The samples we are looking at today are all coffees from El Salvador.

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