drinking some hot in the dark cda c/o Denise, patron of our bar after loaning out one of our bikes for the month. Too busy to cook up Canele batter so afterhours we make it now. Summer so hot but our bar so cool. This morning we ran for coconut ice cream and regular ice cream, our freezer is fixed (yay!!).

One of the lovely workers at our bar leaves next week. This is Kourtneys last week for a while at Courier (and the last week of her record collection). We set up our Rane two channel mixer (you remember records right), just for the week ( dance party). As we finish the evening with sparkling drink from the wonderful Delaine of DoveVivi Pizza we think. What a beautiful last two years this has been.

The bar is popping with recycled woven posters of forgotten times from Taylor Valdes (Lucky Lab Fame). Our Freezer is turning out large geometric blocks of ice. It is summer and while it is so hot for us in Portland, Courier is Hella cool (and yeh we have ice cream now).

You are always welcome at Courier Coffee. Thank you friends for being with our bar for two years and roastery nine?? The roastery was always one of those things that never was believed. It was the Half and Half Cafe that believed in us before we did, and the Little Red Bike Cafe, along with many others. Thank you for being with us. Much love-ccr

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