We handwrote eighty quarter pound packages for a wedding last week. five hours of work behind a slow bar at Courier Downtown.

Our racing team- Sizzle Pie/ Veloforma killed it at the Twilight Criterium (held in the North park blocks, more fun then we remembered). Check out Team Sizzle Pies sick Courier Coffee shoulder Badge next race.

Freaking out about our freezer. With a ten day old Traulsen Freezer, our ice tastes slightly off (but at this point we have yet to discover the issue. Could it be our Silicon ice molds, or is something wierd with the new freezer. Over night we have frozen many samples of ice and are melting them to taste/compare. Hopefully we will nail the issue soon.

Kourtney of Courier’s bar is off to grad school soon in another state. She will be working again on bar come school break.

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