Closed Labor Day.

Hopefully this does not bum too many people out. Time to have coffee in a new place. This morning I made coffee in a juice pitcher, with grounds discovered in a friends fridge (long talk). The effect was there, coffee was funny, but it accompanied DoveVivi Pizza from the night before- rad. That and biking in the blue moon last night that rose over Glisen street. Taking another day off means another day of awesomeness for the staff at Courier.

There is of course always work at Courier that will be done afterhours. Sprout Cycles’, Edwin Brown is now working on a custom strut for our Cargo bike. Meeting Evan, formerly of Little Red Bike Cafe, at the Stumptown new roastery party made us remember we should do some work on his personal Synesso espresso machine. There is an exhaust fan motor that wants overhauling at our workshop, and chairs that want sanding and refinishing at the cafe. We also need to bike around, watch sunsets with friends, and do the 5am Monday deliveries. Enjoy the extended weekend. If you find us lets have some coffee together.

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