Kayla’s artwork graces Courier for September. Flecked with gold, on handmade wooden frames, the string that holds each is tied through their frames beautifully.

Pictured above on the porteur rack (made by Sprout Cycles) are the rasberries from Groundworks Organic and peaches from Gala Springs Organic that will be baked into our muffins on bar this week. We rediscovered Hermans Honey, after a long hiatus at the Peoples Farmers Market Wednesday, which means we now have housemade granola once again. Herman was our original source for honey two years ago when we had just started the bar. His nieces now sell his honey (Herman is about 85 now and no longer making it to the Market).

On bar at Courier we have a lot of offerings from El Salvador, but also are selling Cascara (dried coffee cherry). Cascara is left over from natural process coffee, where the cherry is dried on the seed before being hulled. It has less caffeine we think than green tea and is very sweet with hints of hibiscus and rose hips. Cascara we are preparing like an herbal tea, either hot or cold (steeped in the sun, before being chilled). We are also selling Cascara in half pound or pound bags for people to try at home. Pretty tasty.

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