The Willamette Week Food Guide notes Luc Lac for their coffee service. Their preparation with coffee is next level, with smoked salt, bubbly water, and sweetened condensed milk. Not only a cozy downtown hideaway for Vietnamese comfort food, their bartenders are rad, preparing Courier Coffee in a way we never could. We roast french roast for them, to be brewed in Vietnamese drippers. If you ever longed for dark, sweet, and creamy Courier Coffee on a fall day, SW 2nd and Taylor is worth a visit. Their preparation is awesome, and such a different way to enjoy our coffee (we love them a ton).

Elizabeth of Sahagun Chocolate, has recently brought something else to the table making chocolate like bars with our coffee. Totally unique she uses coffee ground with cocoa butter, where the look is like chocolate, the texture not, and the taste like eating coffee beans. We know of Sahagun from Cacao Chocolate, an exceptional importer of chocolate into Portland, where Elizabeths Kapow Bars may be found.

So last week we received a bottle of ginger syrup from Tokyo, to compare with our own housemade ginger syrup from local fresh ginger. We have been carbonating our own water at the bar to test ginger ale, which has been pretty fun. Our bar has probably too much going on including roasted sweet pumpkin, heirloom carrots (we have a ton), and heirloom apples from the Old World Apple stand at the PSU farmers market.

In the rain ants have fled neighboring bookstores for Couriers bar. The side project has been locating their entry points and running beads of caulk to seal them up.

Lastly the roastery still has parts neatly laid out. We love to see all the tools side by side, and at a glance to check the inventory of valves and fittings. It is super satisfying to not only see coffee, but a full scale workshop. This means that we are working…

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