Twenty pounds beeswax from Hermans family (Peoples Farmers Market), more raw than we thought (use imagination here), and much more honey sweet. This we found today for the Canele forms, incredibly awkward to bike with. This family is incredibly passionate about their farm. They do not use pesticides, and their bees are surrounded by their large property. This same honey is on bar at Courier for adding to drinks.

Brilliant orange squash (pumpkin?) from Groundworks Organic was mixed with mollasses, clove, cinnamon for pumpkin bread today. Yesterday we added Brandy again as a house staple because the apple brandy pie at Navarre sounded so good. We now have apple brandy muffins, with fruit from Old World Apple, who we highly recommend at the NW corner of PSU’s Farmers Market (organically grown).

Monday we were out with tools repairing espresso machines for two other roasters. Hours later our billings came to less than twenty dollars and we were enjoying whisky at TIGA with Chris Brady of Extracto. It is really something else to set out on a four hour journey weighed down with steel tools, brass valves, and caste iron pipe wrenches pulled tightly to ones back.

At the end of the day we wrapped up with repairing chipped edges for a customer of their Global knife (Niigata, Japan). A few hours working 500/1000/5000 grit stones, because care is important in all things (even if they are not your own). A nice knife is worth working on, even if it is so far flung from our business.

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